Juliet 195 Recruit Journal Week 03

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Juliet 195 Recruit Journal

Formed: Nov 7, 2017

Graduates: December 28, 2017



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JULIET-195  Week 03 Blog

We are at the end of Week 03 already. Time has flown by like our Thanksgiving meal prepared by our host families. This week we still had a lot of “Fire Fire Fire’ in the mornings resulting in “motivational” training, but we are definitely sounding better, just not all the time. We also made some of our time objectives, which allowed us to practice some marching and drilling. This week was a unique week as we had liberty on Thursday for Thanksgiving. We were very grateful to get off base, relax, sleep, shower, talk to our families, not stand at attention, and for our host families allowing us into their homes, treating us as a part of their family. On Friday, though, our Company Commanders got back the time we missed for vital team work and time management training. After one of our classes, we got back to the house and our squadbays were wrecked. There was a mess everywhere, both in our squadbays and in the heads. We were given a short time to clean it all up and get it inspection ready. We did not meet the time objective, so we ended up passing our seabags filled with all of our items back and forth. This week we also met the “Mother of Medusa”, which is an excessively large rope. We had put in work with this rope, just so we could go back and get our racks somewhat decent. Some of us got our military identification cards this week, although some didn’t yet because there are so many of us. We have been intensively training so much this week that over half of us fell asleep during class. It may seem like we have not moved, but we are taking steps forward. Unfortunately we end up taking the same amount, or more, backward. We started to march on our own and had our first run of evening routine this week. Next week will be tougher than this week since we have our mid-term exam, and fill out our “dream sheets” for our first assignments. Fire fighting is also starting next week, which will result in a lot of time in the classrooms. Hopefully we do not fall asleep again like we did this week.


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