Juliet 195 Recruit Journal Week 04

International Maritime Signal Flag

Juliet 195 Recruit Journal

Formed: Nov 7, 2017

Graduates: December 28, 2017


Week 04 Summary


A long week it seemed to some, but to others it still feels like Tuesday. This week was a very busy week. We had our random rack inspection done by our Section Commander, which resulted in a big group of shipmates put on red belt or also known as Probation. The Section Commander also did a squad bay inspection as we were gone during the later part of the week. Earlier we had our individual pictures taken and everyone looked sharp even though the outfits were not our own. Most of our time this week was spent outside of the house, away from our Company Commanders, and in classrooms for an hour minimum. We mostly had classes on Fire Fighting. We learned the different classifications of fires, the different type of extinguishers uses and pros/cons of them, and how to put on firefighting equipment. We used a water fire extinguisher to be able to know how to use one correctly. We also ha d a practical fire fighting session where we had to dawn on the full equipment including the mask even though with the air compressor down leading to no oxygen tanks we still got the full feel of what to expect. They had smoke fill the room that we were using actual hoses, spraying water, trying different angles, and learning how to give each other breaks. We all were safe and some set their minds to not becoming a fireman as they did not like the fire fighting. Our instructor managed to pull pranks on us all by saying that the hand print he left behind was an old recruits when he was severely burned, but that was false as the device we were using reads heat temperatures and it would not have left a mark. This week we also filled out our dream sheets and we will find out about our orders on Friday 08DEC17, but not all of us will know then as some of us might get rephrased or reverted. Also we had out midterm, which was not all that bad as it was open note and you’re passed with an 80. Along with our mid-term we had our physical fitness final involving our pushups, sit-ups, and 1.5 mile run. Even with our busy schedule, we still found way to sweat for our mistakes like not sounding off, sandbagging, not doing what is right, sleeping in class, and missing time objectives. As a company it seems we are getting faster and louder than what we were before, along with us starting to work together. We may still not be where our Company Commanders want us exactly, but slowly we are getting there through sweat, blood and tears. We will keep pushing. We will work hard even if that means we end up sweating because we did something wrong. Hopefully here soon we will reach their standards that they all have set. Slowly but surely we are getting there at our snail pace.


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