Lima 195 Recruit Journal Week 03

International Maritime Signal Flag Lima

Lima 195 Recruit Journal

Formed: Nov 28, 2017

Graduates: January 19, 2018

Week three is pretty much over. We’ve gained more than we have lost, and were starting to become something better than before. I can honestly speak for everyone and say that boot camp was nothing that we expected. It’s a lot more mental and physical than we thought for sure. People will point out your flaws fast with no regard for your feelings. You have two choices, to believe these statements and dwell on them or actually do something about it and keep moving with your head up. I think it’s one of those puzzle pieces LIMA needs to work on, and getting louder and faster.

Week 03 taught LIMA that we need to get it together or were going to get probation and be under a microscope, go to RAMP which is like boot camp on steroids for 04 days, or get reverted and go back in training a week. It showed us, or at least the ones that weren’t taking this serious, that hey, this is us, training to serve in a military service that exists to save lives. Boot camp is not about surviving, it’s about preparing yourself to risk your life for someone else’s.

We started diving deeper into recruit knowledge. Seamanship classes helped a lot; it showed us the life we want to live, the Coast Guard life. How to operate a helm, tying knots, and seeing how life aboard a cutter is and what our new jobs will be like. It definitely inspired us to keep pushing. Week 03 really helped calm down the quitter talk and make it “let’s get through this” talk. A lot more teamwork has been shown than the previous weeks for sure. Gaining new people this week helped us open our eyes, not because they were reverted but because they are trying to get us on track as a team. We are all pushing to get better.

More arguments are sprouting up, not bad ones but more of a let’s get together and be a team. We really are a family in the squadbays, just a slightly dysfunctional one. We have defiantly progressed this week, we started learning Manual of Arms with our pieces, we really want to practice that more but we have to earn it. We like that better than getting incentively trained with them, when we leave here our shoulders are going to be huge!

Overall things are still moving on for LIMA, we’ve learned that there is no free time, when we aren’t in motion we are studying. Also we can’t get away with anything; our Company Commanders know all the tricks. We had a rucksack inspection and they knew exactly where we would have anything that we weren’t supposed to. One shipmate somehow got a candy cane in there, and of course it was found, maybe he was just trying to get into the holiday spirit.


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