Juliet 195 Recruit Journal Week 07

International Maritime Signal Flag

Juliet 195 Recruit Journal

Formed: Nov 7, 2017

Graduates: December 28, 2017

Week 07 Summary

This week was a real like rollercoaster for Juliet. Starting our week off we had a battle with Kilo for sounding off, which Juliet knocked Kilo down a notch as we all volunteered and gave up our evening routine just to have some fun playing games and motivating Kilo to get louder. We also managed to lose our colors due to our messy squadbays and lack of self-discipline for listening to our Company Commanders. We felt major disappointment as we watched our colors tied up. We pushed ourselves harder than we have before to get louder, make time objectives, and lock ourselves up to prove that we are a senior company. We have had many inspections this week, but only the major ones were stressful. We were inspected in our Bravo uniforms twice this week and both times they were relaxed, mostly less stressful. We also did our own seabag inspection, where we checked off all the items we were given at the beginning of our long road many weeks ago before our Company Commanders even picked us up. Then our major inspections came by with our Section Commander. It was our Manual of Arms and our close order drill tests, where we messed up many times, but continued on with mistake, and at the end we managed to pass our tests. WE scored 07/10 on Manual of Arms test and we had scored a 08/10 on our Close Order Drill test. We also got many new pennants this week such as our Seamanship, Company Commander, Section Commander, and the Final Exam Pennant, and some we manage to just scrape the line and achieve them. This week we also had our pugil stick fight amongst ourselves while Kilo ran the Confidence Course behind us. WE dressed into a chest plate/vest, a jockstrap, a football helmet, and our own new mouth guards for our safety gear. We screamed, shouted, and cheered one another on, losing complete military bearing as we all had a good time forgetting completely about how cold it was. We all had a fun time and held no grudges against one another, and in a way it brought us all together and closer than we were before. The week ended with us filled with pride and joy as we raised our flag to fly above on the regiment, got our non-rate ball caps, and wore our dress uniform out and off base, looking sharp as ever. We officially are the most senior company and all eyes are on us now as we finish off our last week here. It is our time to show everyone who Juliet truly is by being loud, proud, and fast.


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