Papa 195 Recruit Journal Week 06

International Maritime Signal Flag Papa

Papa 195 Recruit Journal

Formed: Jan 9, 2018

Graduates: March 2, 2018


Week 06 Summary.

Walters and Sev here! So week 06 is officially in the books… Now you may be thinking that, that is a good thing for PAPA-195, you would be right only if we weren’t a complete disaster. According to Petty Officer Lakose we took one step forward and 06 steps backwards. It’s not “rocket surgery”, right? Anyway about the week PAPA suffered some major setbacks. As some of you may know most companies in recruit training earn their colors during week 06. PAPA however, earned something a little different. Our guidon was temporarily changed, not to display our proud flag but instead our disgusting filth. Dirty Swab-195 became our new company name and you guessed it a dirty swab was our guidon to teach us a lesson about being gross. The lesson don’t be a moron and leave cleaning supplies on your Section Commander’s quarterdeck, and be a sneaky snake and hide the swab in the supply closet for it to be found by non-other than Petty Officer Passmore himself. Consequences to these actions could include, but are not limited to; complete embarrassment, sweat, blood, sweat, tears, sweat repeat.

Thursday was eventful right from the start with a 0450 wakeup call (at least that’s what Walters’ watch read). This was the most intense “evolution” we have been through yet and that is saying something because our company commanders are no joke, even in week 06. Still tough as nails. Not fingernails but like railroad spikes. Chief Perez lead the charge into the squad bay with what felt like 100 company commanders, when in reality it was only 03 (I’m in PAPA, math is not my strong suite). They were expecting a well-oiled week 06 machine. What they got was a rusted out vessel that took a lot of shots and was taking on water faster than the crew could bail it out. Boat crew class isn’t till week 07 so we had no chance and no clue how to bail. Any who, We took muster which was a joke; not worthy of applause from Petty Officer Hardy funny but like peek-a-boo with a two-year old funny, and less cute. It took well over 10 minutes and the count still was not correct. Then we got ready for chow and Brittany Spears “oops I did it again” and somehow managed to screw up getting dressed and getting on line. On the bright side when laundry detail was across the regiment taking care of business we could clearly hear PAPA as they left chow screaming the Coast Guard Ethos. We thought that this might have been the lead up to getting our colors, and it might have been had we not screwed the pooch so hard. Ultimately we did not get our colors and are pretty far behind, but we are beginning to come together like a 1000 piece puzzle being put together by a blind sloth.

We went to the range this week and we cannot comprehend why the U.S Coast Guard would trust this group of “intellectuals” with live firearms. We wouldn’t even trust this group with a pair of safety scissors. Surprisingly we didn’t do too badly. We shot 79% as a company; hey C’s get degrees how do you think Severance made it through college. Now we have a fancy black ribbon to go on our dirty swab guidon.

Last thing, just a little drama that took place while half of the company was cleaning Munro Hall and the other half was trying to get in touch with their units. One Shipmate was doping such a thorough job; he was caught up in the moment of suds, sparkles and deadly chemicals that he accidently pulled the fire alarm. This caused a natural reaction of chaos, kind of like when you stomp on an ant hill and they all start pouring out of the ground running to safety. Needless to say, Petty Officer Passmore was less than thrilled. Our shipmate got smoked and everyone on administration time lost contact with everyone they were desperately trying to reach. On the bright side we were really fast at getting out of the building, must be from all the “fire drills” we have. We beat Quebec out as well which showed a sense of leadership, but then we also were a factor in their receipt of punishment for being slower and quieter than we were. That same day during manual of arms practice in the squad bay we competed against the junior company to see who was louder, according to Petty Officer Placencia, we won! As you all should know we also had on-base liberty during which you were probably informed of all of the shenanigans of the week and you reading this was simply redundant.


Editor’s Note: This blog post was written by a recruit currently involved in Coast Guard basic training. The thoughts and opinions expressed in this Journal do not necessarily reflect those of Training Center Cape May, the U.S. Coast Guard or the federal government and are the sole opinion of the author. Recruit Journals are written by personnel in a high-stress environment with little time, so please excuse grammar and punctuation in the above article. The staff at Training Center Cape May do not edit the journals in any way, so as to ensure authenticity of the content and messages.