Papa 195 Recruit Journal Week 07

International Maritime Signal Flag Papa

Papa 195 Recruit Journal

Formed: Jan 9, 2018

Graduates: March 2, 2018


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Week 07 Summary,


Shipmate Sev is back! Did you miss me, because I missed you, kinda. Now that my face no longer resembles the Puft Marshmallow Man I can rejoin the fun. This week was a good one for Papa, aside from taking 2X4’s to faces courtesies of our local dental providers. We earned our colors! Better late than never , Traditional Papa. Go ahead dim the lights, pour some wine and turn on some Marvin Gay, because we are about to set the mood. Sunday after divine hours we were marched to the beach by Senior Chief Pace, our local God leading us on a divine journey. We faced the ocean, shut our eyes, and dreamed about our next step while listening to the soothing sounds of our future office. Senior Chief Pace gave another one of his gold producing speeches, this one would have made a poor panhandler a very rich man; like Bill Gates or someone awesome. The anticipation was higher than Christmas Eve at an orphanage, we just wanted to be adopted into a loving family so badly. Then the moment came, our leader gave the order to about face. Before us stood the blue and white flag, elegant as could be. It was gorgeous, like finding your dads secret stash. We sprinted to our new guidon like Usain Bolt chasing his own world record. As we grabbed the staff of the Papa flag we chanted harder than the Notre Dame Football team chanted for that one Rudy kid. It was quite a proud moment for all of us weirdoes.

Walters here! Let’s call this week in the books, Papa finished all seamanship courses, final exams, and manual of arms and close order drill. Friday was a day full of tests, starting with our final exam. After weeks of studying Papa made it out and everyone passed, which means Cape May was about to have 89 pigs wearing lipstick walking around the town. Actually we didn’t look to terrible, sorry mom. Our manual of arms test started off kind of shaky and in the wrong position which through Papa off guard since we hadn’t practiced this movement. Papa usually doesn’t do well with improvisation, but surprisingly handled it pretty well. Somehow we managed 09 out of 10. Then came our close order drill test, now Papa Company is not the best marchers, due to weather and lack of sufficient practice. The time we had to practice paid off however, when it came to the required knowledge portion of the test we choked harder than Lebron James in the fourth quarter of the NBA finals. 02 shipmates were called front and center to answer some pretty basic questions, we are talking layups so easy that Sev’s high school basketball team could have nailed and they sucked. We ended up going 01 for 03, now in baseball that’s not a bad game, boost your average maybe even, but in the case of close order drill this is absolutely horrible. It didn’t help that the shipmates who were called up were completely random. In fact, Petty Officer Passmore actually walked off stage… But even with the wrong answers, our more technical movements saved us and we managed to pull out a 08 out of 10. Not the best score, and we certainly could have done better of course, but remember Papa does what Papa wants.

This week also started debriefs with our company commanders. It has been quite interesting, Papa started with Senior Chief Pace, he has always been real with us but this night he brought it to a whole new level. The signature “Pace Face” was set aside for the night. The next night Papa met with Petty Officer Lakose. This encounter was different but still just as interesting. Friday night we faced our greatest fear and sat down with Petty Officer Repasi. Of course the night began with “Walters, what time is it?” And stupidly I didn’t say debrief time and was put through the challenge of reciting the chain of command. We even had to briefly hold sniper position with imaginary pieces for nostalgia purposes; or because Petty Officer Repassi wanted a laugh. Week 07 in the books; week 08 and graduation here we come. We will see you all real soon! Thanks for being a part of our journey so far!


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