Tango 195 Recruit Journal Week 03

International Maritime Signal Flag Tango

Tango 195 Recruit Journal

Formed: Feb 13, 2018

Graduates: April 6, 2018



Week 03 Summary


Facebook friends, go ahead and let the rest of the family know to reschedule those April 6th flight cause’ things are not looking good for Tango right now. We are about to embark on our week 04 journey, coming up on that halfway mark, exciting right? Every day we are getting introduced to new things. For example, this past week we had seamanship where we learned how to tie knots and helm commands, by far the coolest thing we’ve done so far. I can safely say Tango enjoys their class time. . This following week we also got introduced to these sick new red belts only a select amount of individuals get to wear. It’s all the rage on the regiment, and will get you lots of attention. This pass Saturday our Lead Company Commander gave us a little treat called “Evening Routine”, a time to get our lives together after a long day and to give us some motivation to push us harder. If that wasn’t enough motivation, then look to your right at the guy wearing a red belt getting chewed out by a company commander would do the trick. Boot camp this week wasn’t all bad, we did a lot of learning as well. Not only were our seamanship classes a nice informative break from reality but we also got to float for five minutes in a swimming pool. Best five minutes of my life. The class was about what to do in a situation where you fall overboard into freezing water. We were instructed to change in these suits called “mustangs” which are pretty much body suits that help you float in the water and prevent your body from going into hypothermia as quickly as it would without the suit. So we all quickly put on our mustangs and jumped into the water. We were instructed on how to huddle into groups to keep us warm. To picture this, imagine about 90 Eskimos floating in space conjoined at the hands, that’s exactly what it looked like. The weeks here at Cape May seem to be going by faster and every day we push through, we get closer to the end. Today, 03MAR18, we had our first real rack inspection which was probably the most difficult of our tasks this week but not for the reasons you might think. One of our Assistant Company Commanders conducted the rack inspections, we started with Main Muster squad bay and went all around and finished with the Females. This no ordinary rack inspection. Our Lead Company Commander gave us a talk about how it could be if we got our act together as a company. He still has hope in us no matter how many times we screw up. The point is that there is still time for Tango. I know that the people who care to be here are really motivated to move on. We all have to give it 100% effort and that little taste of freedom, “Evening Routine”, gave me motivation to work even harder. BRING IT ON WEEK 04!!


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