Sierra 195 Recruit Journal Week 05

International Maritime Signal Flag Sierra


Sierra 195 Recruit Journal

Formed: Feb 6, 2018

Graduates: March 30, 2018


Sierra-195 Weekly Summary

Hello friends, family, and strangers who just came across this online. This week has been a huge turning point for the company, but not like the times I’ve said it before. Not like when we spend 24 hours as a functioning unit but then start sucking more than super glued plungers afterwards. We had an extremely good week.

The Company Commanders continue to test our military bearing. Whether it be making short jokes, or forcing one to impersonate the King, Elvis Presley. Or how Petty Officer Madrid gets happier than a tornado in a trailer park every time someone gets reverted, or he hears the word “RAMP!” We’ve also been doing what is called “SAR” week, or Search and Rescue week. It isn’t anything special, we just have to be at chow 15 minutes after waking up. This does however, expose those who have not fully acclimated to the early morning run around that is boot camp.

We had our first uniform inspection. That was probably our biggest failure of the week, next to our rack inspections. Neither went well. A large percent of our reversions and probation victims came from those two inspections. We got a little comfortable, and just like dogs on a leash, the Company Commanders snatched us back to reality. Petty Officer Burke had us yell “we’ve lost our minds” so many times, I’m surprised there’s not a picture of our brains on milk cartons by now. But those were the lowest points this week.

That didn’t mean there wasn’t anticipation. As the big question loomed over our heads, “Where are we going?” I’m speaking of course, in reference to the arrival of our orders. But until then the Company Commanders were happy to hand out records of counseling like candy. Not good candy, though. More like black licorice. Meaning, most people don’t like it and the others are insane.

One change this week was the large amount of classes we had to take. There was even a day we managed to not get incentively trained one time. That’s like the Cleveland Browns going 16-0, or just winning one game at all. We have also found that if we’re good most of the time, when we do mess up it’s not as bad or long when we get punished. But as we close out our fifth week, and enter week 06, we officially become a senior company. It seems like just last week we were rushed off the bus in front of Sexton Hall. Now we enter the home stretch, and I believe we can do it.




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