Uniform 195 Recruit Journal Week 03

International Maritime Signal Flag Uniform


Uniform 195 Recruit Journal

Formed: Feb 27, 2018

Graduates: April 20, 2018



As week 03 comes to a closing, Uniform-195 has been fighting on all week. As our company commanders turned the heat up we have been moving a little faster and getting a little louder. A paramount of work still needs to be done prior to week 08. This week was tough. Seamanship Helm commands/knot practical was taken this Friday. The majority of Uniform-195 passed the practical. We all made sure we had the knots down packed. The knots included Bowline, square knot, slip clove hitch, clove hitch, Beckett bend, double Beckett bend and the two round half hitches. These knots are basic knots. We learned 07 knots in 02 days. As every day went by in week 03, it got tougher and tougher. We got a brief showcase by our Lead Company Commander Chief Taylor on how to correctly shine our boondockers and how to properly perform Manual of Arms. Our company commanders even told us in forming week that training does not get easier. Every day we get new material to learn and study as much as we can during every 05 minute head and water break. We have recently been trying to memorize our piece nomenclature. It correlates with manual of arms that Chief Taylor showed us. Manual of Arms are drill movements to help recruits familiarize with their piece. Chief Taylor said “Manual of Arms drill movements have to be sharp and concise”. Chief Taylor also said when we keep our elbows tight in the galley with our trays in our hands it is relative to manual of arms drill movements. As the week flew by we were getting intensively trained like crazy. These last two days Petty Officer Fortenberry called out “FIRE, FIRE, FIRE” three times before taps. Uniform-195 wasn’t fazed, we knew what was coming. Petty Officer Fortenberry is getting us ready for our week 04 closing in on Uniform-195 we have been trying to focus on the little things or how Chief VanderJagt says “Attention to detail”. We clean our heads but don’t see the little things like standing water in that last sink or keeping the toilet seats down, not standing at attention. One last thing, shipmates tried hiding Chewy bars in the head but Chief Vanderjagt has been around the block plenty of times. He knows all the tricks in the book. Chief Vanderjagt is like the old dog on the block, nobody messes around with him but everyone listens to the wise words of the old dog. Tomorrow is divine hours and we start fireman training. All in all Uniform is keeping their heads on a swivel and trying to get squared away.


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