Uniform 195 Recruit Journal Week 07

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Uniform 195 Recruit Journal

Formed: Feb 27, 2018

Graduates: April 20, 2018


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With graduation day just within Uniform 195’s reach, the end of week 07 has been met with both anticipation and bitter sweetness. While all of us are excited to enter the fleet and explore outside the familiarity of what we left back home, nostalgia has set in as we realize what little time the company has left together. The 65 recruits that have persevered to make it to this point have formed a bond stronger than what we have been shaped into individually. Unlike how the previous weeks have been described, week 07 seemingly flew by due to our packed schedule. On Monday, the company learned about first aid and CPR both in the classroom and through hands on scenarios with dummies. It was nerve-wracking for most recruits as we practiced life-saving scenarios in front of company while our instructor pointed out mistakes we made, but the experience was instrumental in allowing us to develop the wherewithal to handle such real life situations. Monday also brought our manual of arms and close order drill test in front of our section commander that we had been preparing for since week 02 when we got our M-16s. With high intensity and stomachs churning, we were led by one of our company commanders as we performed marching and piece movements to and fro the parade deck. All the time and effort dedicated to learning and perfecting these movements paid off when we received perfect scores in both categories, but perhaps saying goodbye to our M-16s and throwing them into the back of a truck was even more satisfying. On Tuesday and Wednesday we had our last seamanship classes in which we learned how to handle and throw lines, as well as tie up boats and ships to piers. In addition to receiving our colors at the end of last week, this week brought the opportunity to earn pennants to attach to our flag. While the company has already received pennants for scoring high on the midterm exam and fully participating in a blood drive, week 07 has allowed us to earn the section commander and company commander pennants for our performance in our manual of arms and close order drill test, as well as the seamanship pennant for passing the class final. Later in the week, we made our lives after boot camp official by finally signing the orders we received in week 05. On Friday, we took a final exam which was a culmination of all the classes and required knowledge we’ve been studying during the past 2 months. The majority of us passed with excellent scores, making us proud to know that we’ve learned so much. Saturday was definitely U-195’s favorite day of the week because we finally got to experience off-base liberty. While recruits split up to eat at restaurants, watch movies, sit on the beach, call friends and family, or just walk around town, we all can agree it was the quickest 12 hours of our lives. With only 05 more days and a wakeup call to go until graduation, Uniform company is ready to take on these final days in week 08 at full force.


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