XRay 195 Recruit Journal Week 05


XRay 195 Recruit Journal

Formed: March 20, 2018

Graduates: May 11, 2018


Week 05

Week 05 has probably been one of the most intense weeks here thus far. Not like the earlier weeks, where the intensity came from getting smoked often and bumbling around trying to figure out what we are doing. This week’s intensity came from the search and rescue alarm drills that we did each morning and the two major inspections we had to overcome uniform and rack deficiencies. We did well on both inspections and got a little full of ourselves after, resulting in evenings filled with sweat. That is a common theme with us. Chief Krusko says “It is always two steps forward, thirty steps back with X-Ray”, and sometimes it really does feels that way. Oh and let’s not forget we got our orders this week, that was also a big moment for us! I can’t say I know the exact ratio of pleased and displeased regarding orders, I would guess the majority are pleased. For most of the displeased, I think it will get easier once they get a chance to talk to their sponsor and get a better sense of what their job will be. We got a taste of that on Saturday when we met with our company mentors Captain Cooper and Master Chief Dietzman. They are very knowledgeable and were more than happy to help us understand what each of us are getting into. The meeting was very encouraging and, well, fun! Both Captain Cooper and Master Chief Dietzman were upbeat and positive about what our future holds, which I believe passed onto us. Saturday also held other major events: the confidence course and our company earning the company colors! The confidence course IS exactly as the name implies, an obstacle course meant to help you test your limits and build your confidence. It also helped build our teamwork. Those who finished lined up along the course and cheered for their shipmates. When someone reached the wall and could not get over, another shipmate would run in and give them a step up. This too was an event that got us excited and hyped up!! Which led to the loss of military bearing and a lot of talking when we should have been silent, which led to us getting into trouble. The biggest event this week had to be us receiving our company colors. The regiment sees it everywhere we march, letting them know X-Ray is here! It is posted in front of the galley, classrooms, our barracks, or where ever we go. Up until Saturday, our flag had been a black “X” on a sea of white. Now our flag is a blue cross on a sea of white. It also bears any pennants we’ve earned. It looks awesome!! We know how great we can be and we have to show it. I have said it before and I still believe it, X-Ray is going to be an epic senior company!!


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