Yankee 195 Recruit Journal Week 04

International Maritime Signal Flag Yankee


Yankee 195 Recruit Journal

Formed: April 03, 2018

Graduates: May 24, 2018


It’s finally week 04 here at Training Center Cape May for Yankee-195! It has been a long, but fast week. Yankee Company has finally got over the half way point of our 08 week program. The non-rate training started briefly last week, and we’ve started to get into more complicated training. We started the week off with having an inspirational lecture from Lieutenant Commander Young about COMMITMENT. He happens to be our Regimental Officer, and he was telling us about the commitment you have to have when becoming a “Coastie.” He explained that you have to be committed to the mission, and the core values of HONOR, RESPECT, and DEVOTION TO DUTY. After that class, we learned about housing and allowances from Chief Storekeeper Wolfe. This was important, as we put in our assignment sheets in this week. The assignment sheets are commonly referred to as “dream sheets.” We are all excited to see where we will have our first stations as Coasties!! Special shout out to our Yeoman, Petty Officer De Jesus who helped us understand the different types of units and districts, while providing advice on how to select our requested units. We continued our week with more advance training. The fire classes we took last week helped prepare us educationally for our firefighting we did. We have to have firefighting in order to graduate, because as a non-rate you could be stationed on a cutter and you must know how to properly put out fires. For the drill, we were required to suit up in firefighting gear, and only had 05 minutes! We were then led into a room that had simulated smoke in it (fog), and we manned the firefighting hose and practiced putting out fires. Later in the week we took a cyber-awareness program class. Ms. Evelyn was our instructor, and she taught us a lot on the proper use of computers at work. She also taught us how to protect Coast Guard, and personal information from scams, and virus’. The physical fitness exam was this week, and was the same test we took during week 02; However, it was an opportunity to see improvements. Finally, our mid-term exam was this week. Everyone passed with the exception of 03 shipmates, but don’t worry…they made it up on Saturday and are still with the Company. Week 04 had it’s fair amount of challenges, but Yankee-195 is over the half-way hump, and are ready to take on next week! Thank you for all the support and letters.


-Seaman Recruits, Yankee-195


Editor’s Note: This blog post was written by a recruit currently involved in Coast Guard basic training. The thoughts and opinions expressed in this Journal do not necessarily reflect those of Training Center Cape May, the U.S. Coast Guard or the federal government and are the sole opinion of the author. Recruit Journals are written by personnel in a high-stress environment with little time, so please excuse grammar and punctuation in the above article. The staff at Training Center Cape May do not edit the journals in any way, so as to ensure authenticity of the content and messages.