Yankee 195 Recruit Journal Week 07

Yankee 195 Recruit Journal

Formed: April 03, 2018

Graduates: May 24, 2018


Graduation Program: Posted Thursday afternoon: Week 7 Blog

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WEEK 07 summary


This long tunnel Yankee 195 has been driving through is almost over! It’s been a very long, busy, and stressful 7 weeks here for us. But now we see not only the light at the end of the tunnel, but the outline of Coast Guard Cutters, our new homes and lives. This week has been insane, with how busy we’ve been and what has all happened.

We started our week off with a monstrous accomplishment! Yankee 195 received their colors company flag, crimson red and gold stripes. We went for our company march off base, and all of us were curious as to what and where we were going. Petty Officer Jarman marched us to the beach in Cape May where they have a memorial for all of the lost fisherman at sea. We stood circled around a statue of a mother, young son and daughter crying looking out into the bay waiting for their lost fisherman. Petty officer Jarman began a very motivating speech about what being a coast Guardsman is, and what we have devoted our lives too, how we have sacrificed our lives, so those out at Sea can return home from the Reckless Seas to their families. How we must honor those who served, and sacrificed their lives before us such as Douglas Munro so we could stand here and serve. Honor, Respect and Devotion no matter the conditions, weather, problem or issue so those families don’t lose their loved ones at sea. At the end of the speech petty officer Jarman told us if you want anything in life you have to go get it! So go get what you want!!! And posted on the beach behind us was our colors! Yankee stormed the beach and within seconds, those crimson red and gold stripes were sky-high! This was our moment, the moment of Yankee becoming the proud senior company at Tracen Cape May.


So with us proud and confident, we continued into finals week! We had our last few classes before the big finale!!! We had our last class at seamanship with petty officer Four, which was our line handling class which will be very important for us when we pull in and out of port. We know the basics of mooring now. After line handling, petty officer Four decided we should have class competition from selected students. It involved knot tying, and suiting up for firefighting. We also had Chief Wolf instructor us on proper CPR procedures and First Aid response. The last class of the week before we had our finals was legacy which was instructed by our section commander, Chief Grote!


Reveille road upon us the next day, and it was big test day. Final was first thing in the morning and then after lunch chow was our close order drill test which included manual arms and you want to know what Yankee company did? Crushed all their test!!! There were some other big events and accomplishments. The company met with Petty Officer De Jesus who is our company’s Yeomen. He had us sign our official orders this week, so we now truly have our orders!


Later we got to have our lead company Commander, petty officer Jarman give us his debrief. It was really amazing to get his background story and really ask him personal questions from sports teams, family, to Coast Guard questions. Yankee got to end this chaotic insanely busy week with off-base Liberty! We got all fancy in our seasonal uniform, which is our tropical Blues, trench coat (rainy days) and combination covers. It was our first step outside the base where we got to relax, talk to our families, have food we miss, weren’t viewed as recruits but as coastguardsman by the public. And in 07 weeks we have went from civilian to Strong coasties.


We only have a few days left now till we walk in special Become United States Coast Guards man. This sums the week we’ve had, and soon we’ll see our loved ones.


  1. S. This week not only did our company commanders find find that out, but so did the company. We have recruit Johnson a. Who is related to Honest Abe Lincoln! Just completely blew our company commanders Minds especially petty officer Laura



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