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Delta 196 Recruit Journal

Formed: May 22, 2018

Graduates: July 13, 2018


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Hello from Cape May family and friends! The Company of Delta-196 has officially completed week 02 of boot camp. One word that can sum up our experience thus far, EXHAUSTING. The amount we learn goes hand in hand with the amount of sweat we must pay to our company commanders for our lack of self-discipline. Some of the things we’ve learned so far are chain of command, how to properly identify and address Coast Guard personnel, 11 general orders, and close order drill (Marching). Although I would say these things are now etched into our brains our company commanders would beg to differ. One word that would come to our Lead Company Commanders mind would be “terrible”. As the days continue things get tougher and tougher. We received our pieces (plastic M-16s) this week which is supposed to be used for manual of arms, but for now they just aid us in our incentive training (sweat) sessions. Somehow our company commanders have found a way to make a plastic piece or a 2lb canteen feel like a cinder block. Aside from all the sweat sessions, the classes we have taken have expanded our knowledge on what the Coast Guard has to offer, which is a boat load (pun intended). Every single one of us has been blessed with the infamous “Cape May Crud”. I suppose that’s what happens when you pack a bunch of people from all over the country into close living quarters. The “Cape May Crud” is a nasty viral sickness that destroys your body inside and out… just joking. We all just have a nasty cold which makes recruit training all that much harder. Sadly the herd of recruits that came off the bus has already thinned. We started off with 74 strong and are now down to only 59 exhausted recruits.   A typical day for us here starts off at 0530 where we then have 02 minutes to form out outside for our first workout of the day. Many of us have started referring to it as our morning coffee because its one heck of a way to get you started for the day. All of us eat 03 times a day with no exceptions. The meals are hearty and the galley servers are our silver lining for the day. They have the brightest smiles (the only smiles we see) and show us incredible kindness. This lasts around for about 50 seconds until we start getting quizzed again by our CCs on the mess deck. In between our meals, we have our classes and physical training. Taps (bed time) is at 2130 which is definitely our most grateful moment of the day. Friday, 01JUN18, we attended Zulu-195’s graduation ceremony which I think have us an extreme amount of motivation. We saw the light at the end of the tunnel and pictured all of you reading this there to support us. Saturday, 02JUN18, we had the delight of meeting our company mentor, Admiral Thomas. He is in charge of District 8, which is the largest district of the Coast Guard. We were all incredibly nervous and didn’t want to make any mistakes in front of him. It’s not every day a recruit gets to meet an admiral. Admiral Thomas was accompanied by his wife and Master Chief Jones, his Command Master Chief. I think these are three of the nicest people we will meet throughout this process. They answered a multitude of questions for us and empowered us even more. We got some great pictures as well. They will be returning to catch up with us during week 05 which gives us something to look forward to. Well that and seeing you all of course! This is all we have time for today. Until next week!!


Your Seaman Recruits


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