Delta 196 Recruit Journal Week04

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Delta 196 Recruit Journal

Formed: May 22, 2018

Graduates: July 13, 2018


Somebody, anybody,

Delta -196 has made it to the halfway point! It’s been a long 25 days since we left home and were halfway through this evolution into full blown Coasties. We’ve mastered a whole new language (how to speak recruit), very rare, and originates from Tracen Cape May. They say stress ages you and it seems as if each day we grow a new patch of gray hair and get a new wrinkle on our face.

The week started off with our Coast Guard portrait photos. $200 dollars later we’re decked out in company rings and beautiful pictures. We’ve been marching around the regiment looking like actual Coasties. Unaccompanied by our CCs and finally acting like adults. We also had our firefighting class this week. We put our skills to the test during a full blown simulation of “General Quarters”, which is when a fire breaks out onboard a Coast Guard Cutter. We dressed out in full firefighting gear and oxygen tanks. Then we entered a smoke filled room were the visibility was no more than an arm’s length. The “fire” was just a LED screen, but the intensity of teaming up and using a real fire hose to “extinguish” the fire was an experience. By the end we couldn’t tell what was water or sweat. None of the classes compared to assignments class. We finally got to fill out our “dream sheets” which will determine where we will spend the next 2-3 years of our lives. We can be stationed anywhere from a Small Boat Station in Mississippi or on a National Response Cutter in California. It’s funny how so many of us speak of knowing exactly where we want to be stationed yet the general sentiment is to go straight back home to mom and dad. This place definitely has us missing our old comforts of home. Our company commanders advised us to expand ourselves by leaving home and seeing this great country for ourselves. Growing is a difficult, but necessary part of this entire process. You can never really do much growing unless you leave your comforts behind.

Thankfully, we got a taste of the familiar this weekend. Out of the blue, our company was given the opportunity to march off base! There was a parade for the VFW in Wildwood, NJ and for one heavenly half hour, we proudly marched in the streets in freshly pressed uniforms and polished boots. For the first time we experienced the appreciation and respect earned to members of the armed forces. These brief moments in training really drive home why we came to this insane asylum in the first place and why we’re still her, Thriving and striving. All in all we couldn’t be more excited to be breaking through the halfway point of our time here in Cape May. We’re looking forward to the hopeful and harrowing horizon of week 05; SAR week! Until next time.



Editor’s Note: This blog post was written by a recruit currently involved in Coast Guard basic training. The thoughts and opinions expressed in this Journal do not necessarily reflect those of Training Center Cape May, the U.S. Coast Guard or the federal government and are the sole opinion of the author. Recruit Journals are written by personnel in a high-stress environment with little time, so please excuse grammar and punctuation in the above article. The staff at Training Center Cape May do not edit the journals in any way, so as to ensure authenticity of the content and messages.