Echo 196 Recruit Journal Week 04

International Maritime Signal Flag Echo

Echo 196 Recruit Journal

Formed: Jun 05, 2018

Graduates: July 27, 2018




Week 04 was an eye opener for Echo. It marks the point of halfway through training and also you can see the maturity really starting to show. Now remember getting it wasn’t too easy. Assistant Company Commanders Petty Officer Stephens is a man of his words. We are going to earn these uniforms. Honestly the hardest part of week 04 is losing some of our shipmates. We formed with them and the blame on losing those rests with us, but let’s not get to deep into the downers of this week. The company is finally learning the traits of sailors; fighting fires. Don’t get too excited, the fires are simulated, but putting on the equipment and listening to the instructor Petty Officer Brocks almost have a stroke because some people can’t listen to instructions was pretty hilarious. Chief Snyder having his personal rack inspection he mainly described the racks as “hippo crap”, “hot garbage”. This time he got help from Seaman Recruit Henson; a recruit that Chief Snyder used to train in a former company. Just know that when he asked SNR Henson to inspect our racks, he took the words right out of Chief Snyder’s mouth. Even getting to the point he had to get a lil physical with another recruit’s rack. You could imagine the “coughing”, that was going on in the squad bay. Week 04 was a roller coaster, mainly because we are becoming a senior company. More is expected, some loose ends are here and there but we are looking as a whole, much better. You could say we got tired of our heads in our rear ends. It’s hard being the worst on the regiment with all the newer companies here now.


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