Golf 196 Recruit Journal Week 02

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Golf 196 Recruit Journal

Formed: Jun 19, 2018

Graduates: Aug 10, 2018


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Week 02


Well, what a week for Golf Company! This week has been stressful, enjoyable, and educational for us all. As I’m sure you all know, we were and still are all nervous train wrecks! However, throughout this week we met many wonderful teachers such as Mr. Frohman. We also witnessed and endured many new punishments that have proven to be very difficult. We also met “Medusa”! She’s a long piece of line we had to carry. Also this week we had an all-time low record on Thursday of only 3 IT (Incentive Training) Sessions which is pretty good by our standards. We also started swimming this week along with biking and running. All these workouts are good (health wise) for us recruits. While we run, we can hear the serene Atlantic waves crashing on the New Jersey shore and while we bike, we have fans blowing in our faces! The pool workouts are intense but the water feels good on our little Echo-1 bodies. To add to the list of good things this week, we all got our “pieces”. They are really fake M-16’s. To conclude our week we have had a record amount of IT! God knows what happened to us overnight. We all missed time objective and other large events such as making our racks. We also had a visit from our company mentor, LCDR Nolan. She had some exercises on team building which was very valuable to us. We also learned more about each other, got to joke around a little bit, and she provided us with an extremely enjoyable break from our Company Commanders for a few hours. We hope that we can pull our heads out of our bums this week, so we can move on with training and get “beat” less.

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