Echo 196 Recruit Journal Week 06

Echo 196 Recruit Journal

Formed: Jun 05, 2018

Graduates: July 27, 2018


Week 06, it’s unbelievable how the time passes. From being the “worst company” to the “senior company”, you could say that a very big transition. This week can only be described as the hardest ones, you would be confused on me saying that but look at it this way. We are taking everything that we’ve been trained to do, and we are applying it. The company commanders said it themselves, “We are done training you now you’re all on auto pilot.”, and so they are just sitting back and watching to see if we were learning. Honestly they are still watching to see if there are any more bad apples in the bunch too, gladly there aren’t, but this transition of camp is usually when everyone starts to relax as if we made it. That’s one of the reason this week has been a little bumpy.

The beginning of this week was great, we went on a company run with the former senior company. Now it wasn’t just some regular “Physical Training” run, we went off base ran around actually got to see Cape May. In our time in boot camp you could assume we thought this place was horrible, but actually getting to run around the area as a company at a double time and sing cadences was something the company really needed. Being our first time we were still getting yelled at by our battalion commander alongside for being too quiet, but we did well for a first time. Since it was off base we had to run with our colors, the flag you earn when we proved to the company commanders we are a unit, a team. Soon as the run was over they wasted no time to snatch the flag back, it was like taking a toy away from a baby it sucked This whole week focus had been to get our colors, all been trying the anticipate the time as if we can figure out when we could get it. Same feeling when you were a kid shaking the presents under the Christmas tree hoping you get what you asked Santa for.

This week though was mainly everyone planning for their first station getting closer and closer for the arrival date to their first unit, a lot of stress on people who have spouse or family. But surprisingly this company the average age is 21, young, so mainly is just been people calling home getting everything arranged. The calls home and the on base liberty has really been a test for all of us. Hardest thing is to keep your mind focused on the goal, “Everything is a test”, and we’ve heard that a lot this week. Our company commanders are now starting to become more of fortune tellers now, like its weird how on point everything they say just comes true.

But we ended this week with some bumps and bruises, literally we had the pugil sticks or “giant Q-tips” and let me tell you, you’d expect the boys would have the rough battles with each other, right? Nope, when the females got inside this ring it was brutal, no type of game plan just charge full speed into each other and clash together as if they were fighting with lightsabers. We even had our on star wars theme music in the background by our very own Seaman Recruit Henson. One bout with the females, a girl fell on her knees and her opponent still standing didn’t even consider the fact that she had fallen, she continued her attempts to strike the fallen girl with the “Giant Q-tip”.

On base liberty, the smiles, the faces of every single recruit talking to their families, it was nice to see everyone not think about a company commander coming around the corner, standing at the position of attention, or sounding off.



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