Hotel 196 Recruit Journal Week 04

Hotel 196 Recruit Journal

Formed: Jun 26, 2018

Graduates: Aug 17, 2018




It is the end of week 04 and Hotel-196 has grown tremendously over the past month. This is mainly due to our Company Commanders that are in charge of this company; Petty Officer Wilderman and his Assistant Company Commanders, CS1 Hardy, ME1 Jarman, and SK1 Warren. CS1 Hardy specializes in making us sweat. She will notice anything and everything and will punish us for the slightest slip up. She probably is the most fair out of all of our company commanders, and just like she knows how to make us sweat, she also knows when recruits give 100%.

Petty Officer Jarman spends most of his time trying to improve the company’s performance. He mostly teaches us Close Order Drill and Manual of Arms and does an excellent job of motivating us back to performance standards when we fall apart, and pushes us to be FASTER and LOUDER!

Petty Officer Warren is the quietest of our Company Commanders, but the man does not have to be loud to make his presence felt. He mainly teaches us Manual of Arms and inspects our racks and uniforms. He is quite easy going until certain recruits make him mad and he screams “FIRE, FIRE, FIRE!” Which in civilian terms means, GET THE FREAK OUTSIDE, YA’LL ARE ABOUT TO SWEAT.

Our Lead Company Commander, GM1 Wilderman is the most intimidating and strict of them all. Which makes perfect sense. I mean he calls the shots around here. Petty Officer Wilderman serves as a role model for Hotel-196. He is a constant reminder the one must exceed expectations in order to be the best and graduate. He changes his uniform 03-04 times a day in order to stay looking sharp. He has more qualifications than most Echo-6’s (E-6) and when we are not sweating, he does his best to pass down his knowledge to us. He tells us to stay humble, and when we become the best at our job then we earn the right to be cocky (at the right time and place of course).

We are now halfway through training and it only gets harder from here. We have lost 24 recruits. Some discharged and others rephased or reverted. Yet, the worst is yet to come…Week 05 is said to be the hardest week in training. Our company commanders expect us to know even more required knowledge word for word (verbatim) plus new information. Inspections are a lot stricter with the slightest slip ups could result in rephasal or reversion. Hotel-196 is now one of the senior companies on the regiment and although training gets harder, we get better.


SR Doering, V. M.

Hotel-196 Historian



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