Echo 196 Recruit Journal Week 07

Echo 196 Recruit Journal

Formed: Jun 05, 2018

Graduates: July 27, 2018



Graduation Program: Posted Thursday afternoon: Week 7 Blog

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Hello again, Friends and Family of Echo – 196


Week 07 has gone by so fast. This week was much more relieving then the previous six. More often than not we hear that this is the Adjourning stage of training, I guess you could call it a testing stage. They want to see if we can perform as Non-Rates would in the fleet, also known as responsible adults. The training is almost complete, some of us have gotten it, but most of us haven’t and that caused us a major setback this week. You see, we have been preparing our dress uniforms for not only Graduation, but this thing called “Off Base Liberty” as well. Getting in and out of our dress uniforms over and over began to feel more like a dress remedial (Which is terribly by the way.)

We eventually got inspected by the Battalion Officer in our dress uniforms… one person managed to get rephrased into a later week of training due to the lack of care that he put into his uniform. Honestly he did it to himself, there was no care put into his uniform at all. Later this week our Company Commanders debriefed with the company. They finally showed us that they are humans too which was a complete surprise, but before I continue with the story… Echo Company Even with the good… came just as much bad. We are the senior company on the regiment now. And with that comes a responsibility to set the example. We failed to do that while getting our hair cut. Shipmates were leaning against the bulkhead and talking to one another. One shipmate got caught talking to recruits in different weeks of training and was sent back a week in training. It ended horribly to say the least. Our whole Chain of Command opened a can of… discipline on Echo Company. Added to the mix was some slight embarrassment by having us dress as if we were a brand new forming company. It was intense but we were able to bounce back from that.

We were later tested on our marching and Manual of Arms with our M-16 Pieces. We scored a perfect 10 out of 10 on both tests! We feel as though we have made our Company Commanders proud. We also ran through the confidence course again. Many shipmates that didn’t make it through the first time were able to make it with a little encouragement from their shipmates. Now on the regimental flagstaff there is our company colors! The Echo flag. We ran through an incentive training session as the flag was being hoisted and once that was over we were allowed to place out new Coast Guard covers on our heads. We look like the real deal now. We finished off the week with off base liberty which was great! See you at graduation this Friday friends and family. Until then!


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