Golf 196 Recruit Journal Week 06

International Maritime Signal Flag Golf

Golf 196 Recruit Journal

Formed: Jun 19, 2018

Graduates: Aug 10, 2018


WEEK 06 Summary


Week 06 was actually not too bad for GOLF-196. We reached a number of milestones as a company and are really starting to gel. The main focus of learning for GOLF-196 this week was firearm safety at the Federal Aviation Administration firing range in Atlantic City, NJ. Every shipmate in Golf had a great time practicing their marksmanship and ended up earning the best average shooting percentage on the regiment and the marksmanship pennant. Apparently this is a huge deal because we were awarded with coffee this morning, which we have been trying to earn for the longest time! The steaming cup sat elegantly on out trays we proudly pranced to our seats in the galley as if we had just won a medal. Who knew our amazing shots at the range could get us so far in life on base.

In addition to our amazing shooting, we had a Pugil Stick Battle at the track this morning. Shipmates too the opportunity to call out fellow shipmates for their discrepancies throughout training and settled it in the ring. Under the intense New Jersey heat, we wore football helmets and Kevlar vests as we tried to bruise and whack each other without Pugil Sticks. Grrr! Roahhr!! Hiyah!! The sound effects were completely necessary for victory. Like gladiators in the arenas of ancient Rome, we fought valiantly against our friendly foes. The rest of the day consisted of on base liberty in which we were able to utilize the Coast Guard exchange and the Harborview club facilities. Our social lives were somewhat restored as we were allowed to use out cell phones for the first time since our arrival. We called our families for a while and enjoyed the evening chow the Harborview club had to offer. The New Jersey sky made a stunning red sunset for us as the sunlight danced off the surface of the water. Sailboats, Yachts, and Powerboats captured our eyes, gliding off into the sunset. Protecting these beautiful waters required the finest of sailors and as GOLF-196 matures even further, there is no doubt that we will be just that.


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