India 196 Recruit Journal Week 06

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India 196 Recruit Journal

Formed: Jul 10, 2018

Graduates: Aug 31, 2018


INDIA – 196


“Who let the dogs out?! Who? Who? Who? Who let the dogs out?!” You can all probably guess! Because I’m sure many of those reading this received excited calls from all of us, as we took our first on-base liberty today! If you didn’t get a call…well thennnn you didn’t hear about this from me! From 1500 to 2100, we got our phones returned to us and were free to run about the base at will! If only adapting to recruit training came as easily as remembering how to use a telephone! We spent the majority of our free time at the Harborview Club House/Restaurant, where we called, tweeted, snapped, poked, prodded, skyped, rang, and every other possible type of communication method, our loved ones. This was an opportunity that we earned, through our performance this week as well as a uniform inspection that showed just how far we have come! To give you a visual, picture those poor mangy pups you see on the ASPCA Dog Rescue commercials (which always, like every time, have that same Sarah McLachlan song: “In the arms of an angel…” that has the innate ability to make tears pour out of our eyes, at which point we look for the changer as fast as possible!). That was us for weeks 01 and 02! Unkempt and lost. But then the commercial changes, and we see the puppies, now clean and smiling, with their new families. Enter us, week 06, with our sleeves rolls, boondockers (boots), and blousing up to snuff and looking professional.

This week was full of surprises and challenges (heck, what week isn’t!), but here we are about to enter week 07 as the most senior company on the regiment! That’s right, Hotel Company graduated yesterday, after hearing how loud we have become and with us right on their heels as taking the cake as best company on the regiment! Jokes aside, all eyes are now on us to set the example and show why we have gotten this far. Sure it took awhile for us to get here, with nearly everyone doing their part to represent our company with pride, dignity, and respect, but we made it none-the-less. Everyone learns at different speeds, but our training is designed to get us ready and up to standards as quickly as possible, or else fail (think turtle vs. rabbit, except the turtle has zero chance of catching up… like, slow and steady will lose this race!).

One of the main reasons we are firing on all cylinders at the moment (something that we hope to carry into next week without any misfires), is because last Sunday we had our first off-base company run! During this run, the top three senior companies ran 03 miles throughout Cape May. The streets were filled with the sound of our voices as we ran to the melodic cadences of our company commanders. During this time, civilians and families of Cape May responded to our display of discipline, synchronization, and pride by cheering us on as we ran by! This spurred motivation within each of us and served as a reminder of why we are here and just how important our success and will to give our all is to the people of which we have chosen to protect and save as members of the Coast Guard! The main highlight of this “excursion” was the compliment our company received from the Battalion Commander. Let it be known that, according to the Battalion Commander, India Company has “the best cadence on the regiment!” Boom! American Idol here we come (what are they on season 25 by now?)!

This week also included a lot of high points in our training that we have been looking forward to since week 01. This included: firearms training, where we were bussed off-base to an actual firing range and were able to shoot actual bullets! As a company, we exceeded the marksmanship standards and earned ourselves the marksmanship pennant! It will go nicely alongside our blood drive pennant, and we still have our eyes set on earning all of the pennants that we can here at training!

There is a picture in the galley that we see every day that shows “the evolution of a recruit;” from civilian on the couch to fully functioning member of the Coast Guard. This picture displays the essence of Training Center Cape May’s purpose and why we are pushed to our breaking points (and then pushed further). The ability to take a civilian, un-prepared and un-disciplined, and transform them into a capable, proud, and confident member of the Coast Guard with the ability to not only represent the Coast Guard’s core values of Honor, Respect, and Devotion to Duty, but to also live by them, is something that is not taken lightly. Each day that passes takes us closer to the end result/recruit on the picture, and each day we grow more and more ready to embrace our responsibilities as graduates.

As we enter week 07, I am reminded of the old Greek mythology fable regarding the man punished by the gods, forced to push a boulder up a hill. He pushes and pushes, but just as he is about to push the boulder over the hill and earn his freedom, he loses his strength and it falls back down, awaiting him to try again…for eternity. This is similar to boot camp. No matter how hard we push and push, we cannot lose our strength or let up as we approach the finish line and we must maintain the will and perseverance to go on. We will not be here for eternity…I hope!


Quote of the Week: “It is easy to yell, teach rules, and make a recruit do pushups. It takes a better CC to inspire a recruit, value a recruit, and to show the recruit why the Coast Guard is a noble profession.”


Editor’s Note: This blog post was written by a recruit currently involved in Coast Guard basic training. The thoughts and opinions expressed in this Journal do not necessarily reflect those of Training Center Cape May, the U.S. Coast Guard or the federal government and are the sole opinion of the author. Recruit Journals are written by personnel in a high-stress environment with little time, so please excuse grammar and punctuation in the above article. The staff at Training Center Cape May do not edit the journals in any way, so as to ensure authenticity of the content and messages.