Kilo 196 Recruit Journal Week 05

International Maritime Signal Flag Kilo

International Maritime Signal Flag Kilo


Kilo 196 Recruit Journal

Formed: Jul 24, 2018

Graduates: Sep 14, 2018


KILO-196 Week Ø5 Summary


This week has been the craziest and important week Kilo has experienced. The week as a whole is known as “SAR Week” which means Search and Rescue. The purpose was to teach the importance of “every second” matters. We had fifteen minutes to change into our Operational Dress Uniform and form up outside and March to chow. It was intense, but in a real Search and Rescue it’s someone’s mother, father, child, grandfather, etc. so every second counts.

Another important thing that happened was the uniform inspection for our company. It was absolutely terrifying! The Battalion Commander had us from up and separate our five rows of recruits. When we separated, we were then each individually inspected. The inspection consisted of doing marching movements, having our uniform assess, and being tested on required knowledge. Quite a few shipmates including myself were able to pass all and just stand in line. Other shipmates were not as lucky. They were taken for rack inspections. Again, absolutely terrifying! Later in the week, Kilo was able to receive their orders! We had to line up, walk up to a bell on the parade field, repeat our orders, and ring the bell. It was one of the most surreal moments in my life and I’m sure my shipmates lives too. Some were happy, sad, disappointed, excited, and all were nervous. As our company mentor says, “there is no bad assignments, just bad shipmates. Don’t be a bad shipmate.”

The last big thing that happened to Kilo this week was tackling the confidence course. This was an obstacle course that had many stages. Some were not bad, but others were pretty difficult. It was difficult to tell at first because our Company Commanders demonstrated. This was crazy because they made it look like a school playground. Kilo was able to make it through with Ø1 injury out of over ninety; Ø1 is too many tough. No shipmate left behind (he’ll be OK by the way). I am proud of what we’ve accomplished and can’t wait to see what next week will bring. When Sunday rolled around we had our last day of search and rescue. Thank goodness, the blood start pumping and Kilo is on their toes, however some of the Company Commanders this morning told us to form up and start marching because we were running out of time. Right after they sped by in a Golf cart with shiny rims hahaha. We all want to use the golf cart, hard boots all day is not ideal. On the bright side, now that week Ø5 is over, we get to start learning about firearms and eventually go to earn our colors. The results of all the upcoming events for Kilo will be in next week’s log. Stay tuned!


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