Lima 196 Recruit Journal Week 07

International Maritime Signal Flag Lima

International Maritime Signal Flag Lima


Lima 196 Recruit Journal

Formed: Aug 07, 2018

Graduates: Sep 28, 2018


Graduation Program: Posted Thursday afternoon: Week 7 Blog

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Today was the weirdest day in recruit training considering we were released back into the civilian world. Before that though we had the piece turn in which was one more piece to complete the puzzle towards our graduation. Then we changed into our tropical blues and finally marched into off base liberty by our LCC, then we all dispersed into vehicles except one group of shipmates. After off base liberty though we returned and relaxed by showering our stinky body’s and getting our lives squared away for Sunday and divine hours.

Come Monday morning in the beginning of the week we had a running program and had a glorious shower afterwards. Then we rushed over to leadership class with on our ACC’s which felt like it lasted an eternity in recruit training, after we were taught first aid and after that we cleaned and prepared for our night with the BC, we had a great time asking questions but also remaining locked on and respectful. At the end of the night he said before he left “the battalion commander pennant is yours to lose”.

Then come Tuesday morning we had personal flotation devices class, after that we had a line handling class and a seaman ship final. We all learned the commands and got to have some lines with the help of seamanship instructors, they all assisted on knot tying and helping us correctly heave making us feel like we were almost part of something in the fleet. Then following the line handling class and the grueling swim circuit we had to rush back to the house to have the battalion officer inspection. When it was time the BO was on fire, with a keen eye no discrepancy escaped his vision. Every shipmate that went up was getting hemmed for loose threads gig lines and ironing and so much more. It was awful but it could have been worse

Wednesday we started off with an easy pace run to wake up and then we went and took the line handling practical, a couple auxiliary members came in to help us with our heaving and line handling for a perfect assessment. We were taught how to call and advise and execute and feel like we were about to enter the fleet. After the second round of line handling we had haircut taken care of and returned to the house . After we squared our lives away we spent the rest of the time finishing reporting guides and cleaning .

Thursday is a baby Friday almost the end of the week but not yet. Thursday morning started off well with recruits finally getting ahold of their sponsors and plans finally coming together. After that command master chief pace took us to Ida Lewis auditorium to have a debrief meeting Master Chief Williamson. We inquired question he had on the money every question, after that we had a class where we had to sign our orders making us that more motivated to finally get into the fleet. Immediately after that we had a class us safety with alcohol and the use and abuse of drugs and alcohol. That evening our LCC gave us our first company debrief. It was a swell experience getting to find out a bit about him and why he does certain things a certain way and doesn’t make sense to us but there is a meaning for it and a purpose.

Friday was an exhilarating day. Adrenaline and anxiety was inside of everyone due to the final exam. We’ve been studying and working hard all week just to take this test. It’s a big deal and determines if you know your required knowledge and if you are going to graduate with this company. But as usual Lima-196 conquered the final just like every other trial or tribulation that has come our way, and everyone passed! It felt great to take one more load off of our back and complete another huge task. Then in the afternoon Chief Grote met up with the company over by the review stand to critique and judge us for our close order drill and manual of arms test. In spite of all the nervous jitters of messing up it went quite well, we even earned the section commander pennant as well at the end of the test even though we had to sweat for it. So after the test we took a quick break and marched over to the regimental flag pole where our LCC gave a great motivational speech and words of wisdom and encouragement. It was very sentimental and powerful. A HH-65 dolphin even flew over us and double backed around while shipmate Sprock was raising the flag on the regimental flag pole. That almost without a shadow of a doubt made it a moment no one would ever forget. Later we had our ACC’s give us debriefs and it was exciting to learn even more about our company commanders. After all the debriefs we hit the racks with a sense of pride and joy and ready to earn our liberty on Saturday.


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