Alpha 197 Recruit Journal Week 07

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Alpha 197 Recruit Journal

Formed: Dec 18, 2018

Graduates: Feb 08, 2019


Graduation Program: Posted Thursday afternoon: Week 7 Blog

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Week 07 summary


Week 07… It feels like just yesterday we were “forming” and stressing out because we wouldn’t be able to use the phones we were so attached to. Seven weeks ago we were nothing but a pain to our Company Commanders. Not that we aren’t anymore, we definitely still are. In the beginning our CC’s told us to stop trying to stare into their souls because they didn’t have them! Apparently, not only do they have souls but they’re actually really inspirational people, and mentors. It only took 07 weeks and a lot of humility to admit that. One by one, this week, our CCs debriefed with us and then opened the floor up to any questions we might have had. Story time! We all looked like five-year olds listening to our parents tell stories… Definitely something to think about in the future, our CC’s are probably the reason Alfa wants to graduate so badly. We want our own stories, our own mission completes. It’s nice to know people respect us, as well as value what the Coast Guard has achieved. It’s even better to know that as a member of society each one of us will do something good.

As a company we finished our final exams, took our close order drill test / manual of arms and got a perfect score. That was the proudest moment yet for Alfa Company. Not to mention the loudest we have ever been. It helped that we were in the gym and our voices carried over. Looking back at the “best achievements” we’ve made as a company, they’ve all been the ones we worked on together. Nothing feels like better than accomplishing something hard alongside 70 other shipmates who feel the same way. Our CC’s were not so nice and our senior company, Whiskey, told us week 01 that we would grow to respect them over time. No one believed it at the time. We wish we had, so we could more fully understand the purpose of all of this. To our Company Commanders, thank you. From Alfa-197. Alfa out.


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