Echo 197 Recruit Journal Week 06

International Maritime Signal Flag Echo

Echo 197 Recruit Journal

Formed: Feb 05, 2019

Graduates: Mar 29, 2019


Week 06

When you read this, just know, that this Saturday was hands down the best day of training by far. Before I get to the nitty gritty, there is one very important thing you should know. Starting Monday, we can have freaking donuts for breakfast. But it doesn’t stop there, I’m talking cake, cookies, peanut butter pie, basically everything we’ve been banned from until we passed our PT test. Small victories can figuratively and literally be so sweet. Now that you know our eating habits will quickly deteriorate ill move onto the important details.

Throughout most of the week all of Echo has been contacting our first units. For some it’s been especially challenging since their cutters are underway or their units are on the west coast. When we finally did get in touch it was serial. We were all so nervous on the phones that half of the units probably thought it was a prank call from an auctioneer. Talking to our sponsors was just one step closer to becoming an active member of the Coast Guard. It’s hard to believe that in several short weeks well be at our units and on our way to earing the first qualification. You all better be ready to have the house stocked with food and a massage therapist on call for the days you do get to see us in between.

Week 06 is when major dental surgery begins for those who need it. Besides the 10 or so chipmunks cheeks we have running around, the rest of us got to participate in the pugil sticks. These are literally large padded sticks that you try and knock your opponent over with. It’s the safer more entertaining version of rock em’ sock em’ robots. As far as team building gets. The CCs started cracking jokes and letting us cheer each other on. It turns out all of our CCs are extremely funny and love watching us try and give the old “fake cough” but I’m actually laughing maneuver.

After a motivational and surprisingly positive speech from our Lead Company Commander, Echo Company was awarded our colors. As soon as we turned around and saw that flag we made a mad dash to grab it, then proceeded to run around cheering until we couldn’t scream anymore. Afterward, the guidon bearer had to pick a name for our new hood ornament. A lot of bad names such as Sapphire, were thrown out there. Echo finally decided on the name Layla, from the Eric Clapton song. So every time the guidon bearer carries the flag inside he has to sing it in exactly the same way.

Most of you know Saturday was our first taste of freedom in quite a while. Everyone was glued to their phones and ate more candy than the average child collects on Halloween during our on base liberty. We loved talking to you all and just relaxing for a couple of hours. Even though it was nice to unwind, we need to remain locked on since training is not over yet.



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