Golf 197 Recruit Journal Week 03

International Maritime Signal Flag Golf

Golf 197 Recruit Journal

Formed: Mar 12, 2019

Graduates: May 03, 2019


Week 03 was a crazy ride for Golf-197. We are learning more about how each company commander trains. Petty Officer Bucaneg was really of his mega phone this week. He comes out of nowhere and sounds the siren as he yells “Fire Fire Fire”. Petty Officer Lake has been making us sweat more than we ever thought possible. Petty Officer Alvino is still getting on us about being louder and drilling us in the galley. The Lead Company Commander, Petty Officer Wilderman managed to teach us boot shining, close order drills moves and how to properly make our uniforms inspection ready. In week 03 probation started and Golf-197 started with a solid 03 to 08 recruits on probation. Its time to start to see who really wants to be here because there is a lot to learn and you cannot afford to be behind. Seamanship started this week which is a more hands on classroom experience for what a Coast Guardsman does every day. Entering the seamanship building was an exciting experience. Once Petty Officer Ruffanak started teaching, the content became overwhelming. Tying knots came easy to most recruits but some struggled with the helm commands. The computer simulated test made it easy to put the information towards its purpose. The march out to seamanship is a long haul, but the view is worth it. It was the first time in 03 weeks we got to see different scenery. Upon the entrance to the seamanship building you see the bay and occasionally a small coast guard boat. It is a nice sense of motivation when you have had a long day of sweat sessions. We are no longer the newest company on the regiment. H-197 came in with the same fear we had. The galley gets harder this week as more information gets thrown at us. You would think that chow would be a nice break from recruit training, but guess again. Galley procedures are something that is instilled in you during week 01 but throw in some company commanders screaming at you and your mess just about everything up. From holding your tray, placing your tray items, to throwing out your trash, there are specific guidelines you have to get used to. As you line up to grab your food, you have 02 minutes to pull all your knowledge to the front of your brain. Once you step your foot outside of the food line its go time. It’s all a process of learning in a stressful environment and we must understand that. G-197 has recruits excelling at physical fitness but failing tests, we are brainiacs that can’t do 05 pushups, and we have recruits on probation who just need extra help in realizing that if one fails we all fail. As we head into week 04, teamwork is going to be essential so G-197 can stay afloat and allow no one to drown.


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