Golf 197 Recruit Journal Week 04

International Maritime Signal Flag Golf


Golf 197 Recruit Journal

Formed: Mar 12, 2019

Graduates: May 03, 2019



Week 04 started really rough for G-197. This week was the official start of RAMP, which is a program set in place for recruits who need the extra push. With that being said, RAMP is not the place you want to be. Company Commanders and Section Commanders barged into the squad bay as if they were a SWAT team with a crate full of files, yelling name after name. If you were the lucky one to not get called, that didn’t last long because soon after name calling they started picking people, quizzing them on required knowledge, checking their racks and uniforms. This hectic moment only lasted for about 10 minutes but it will be a moment G-197 won’t forget. We lost 13 recruits that day to RAMP and for the next couple of days. After that they experienced heavy IT sessions and more. As the week went on the company got to finally put in their dream sheet. This is something every recruit thinks about way before they even get to boot camp. There are so many preferences in G-197, some recruits don’t care where they go, some want a cutter, some want warm, or cold weather. That’s the fun of it all, getting to start a new journey in your life in a new exciting place. We all listed our top 5 picks and will know where we are going by week 5. This puts us one step closer to our goal becoming reality. Coast Guard boot camp is not only physically challenging but mentally challenging as well. Our weeks are filled with class and as soon as we step out of that class… BOOM we are expected to know what we just learned. That in itself is super stressful and mixing the other stressors of boot camp becomes overwhelming. Since this week marked our half way point, we had our midterm exam. This is an important test because it covers everything we have learned up to week 04. We are still having trouble being loud and being on time. It was very discouraging, especially hearing our Lead Company Commander he is accepting the fact that we might be the best we can be. This talk he had lit a fire under us because our last day of week 04 was our best day yet. Our marching was much better and our LCC gave us positive feedback. We spent the evening practicing close order drill, manual of arms, and facing movements. We also got our first night of evening routine which is time we get to ourselves to get our life squared away.


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