India 197 Recruit Journal Week 03

International Maritime Signal Flag

India 197 Recruit Journal

Formed: Apr 02, 2019

Graduates: May 24, 2019


Hello INDIA-197 friends and family. We have officially made it through week three, and it was pretty interesting. Every week here at USCG TRACEN Cape May.

This week INDIA-197 focused a lot on team tasks. Most of the drills we did this week took 100% effort from everyone in our company. For example; one of the drills we did was take all of our locks off our rack, put them all together; then was given a time for everyone to figure out whose lock was whose. It took a few tries for us to get it, but with complete teamwork, we got the job done. A big part of recruit training is being able to work together to complete tasks. Of course there’s physical fitness drills and a lot of required knowledge we have to know, but coming together and working as a team is a big deal in recruit training. There’s no room for individual.

Another big aspect in recruit training is being able to look, think and process. We all could use a little bit of this in our life. Be aware of your surroundings, think before you act or speak and process the next step you’re about to take. Although, recruit training may seem tough, it’s only to make you stronger. A part of becoming an adult is about stepping out of your comfort zone, taking positive chances, and never giving up.

Aside from all of that; I’m sure if you have a friend or family member in INDIA-197 that you really miss them. Good news is that we are just about halfway there. Sometimes it feels like we just got off of that bus and we were so nervous. One thing that one of our Company Commander told us is that “It doesn’t get easier, you just get better at it.” Which is true! Every day will be a challenge, but the more we process everything will get better.

Now we are looking forward to week 04 because this the week INDIA-197 gets to fill out our dream sheets. The dream sheet is your top 05 places you would like to be stationed in your Coast Guard career. Also, this week we have a mid-term! Every second we get to study, we take advantage of that time and study all of our required knowledge. I’m happy to say that I see a huge progression in INDIA-197 Company. As long as we continue to work as a team, and stick together, we will all be able to give each other a pat on the back at graduation and say “We Made It!” Being a part of the Coast Guard is like being a part of a family. We must all work together to complete our mission.

That’s all for now INDIA-197 friends and family. I will be sure to update you guys on week 04 and the new things we’ve learned.


Editor’s Note: This blog post was written by a recruit currently involved in Coast Guard basic training. The thoughts and opinions expressed in this Journal do not necessarily reflect those of Training Center Cape May, the U.S. Coast Guard or the federal government and are the sole opinion of the author. Recruit Journals are written by personnel in a high-stress environment with little time, so please excuse grammar and punctuation in the above article. The staff at Training Center Cape May do not edit the journals in any way, so as to ensure authenticity of the content and messages.