India 197 Recruit Journal Week 04

International Maritime Signal Flag

India 197 Recruit Journal

Formed: Apr 02, 2019

Graduates: May 24, 2019


This week was one I don’t think anyone wants to relive. INDIA-197 has been struggling to come together as a unit. Now that we are this far, we see the effects of this. Such as meeting time objectives, working and communicating with each other. We were not conducting ourselves as week 04 recruits. Many of us learned that this is going to be much harder than expected. A lot of sweat was poured out of us the last couple of days. We need to step it up big time this week to show everyone we want to be here. We have the potential in us for sure, because at times during this week we were fast and loud.

We meet some time objectives and communicated with one another. Doing this lead to us getting a taste of evening routine. Which is more time to shower, work on our racks, and over all just bettering ourselves. We enjoyed that very much and need to show our Company Commander’s we deserve it.

Throughout this week we lost more people due to attitudes or medical, but we also gained some new members as well. It is nice getting people from other companies because they tend to be more driven as they do not want to get sent back again. They also help many of us with our racks, required knowledge, and uniforms.

Another positive from this week was our firefighting training. We are all now prepared and trained in fire safety. This training was not just learning by books, we actually put the gear on and did a fire simulation. Where we all went into a room full of smoke and used a fire hose to put out a fake fire. We had to use all real gear and firefighting methods. This meant relying on one another to do their job. Whether it was operating the hose or backing them up. This was a time we showed we can be a team and work as one.

We are onto week 05 which means we are that much closer, but still have a lot to learn. I know we will come together though and remember we will be strong.



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