Juliet 197 Recruit Journal Week 03

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Juliet 197 Recruit Journal

Formed: Apr 16, 2019

Graduates: June 07, 2019


Juliet 197

Week 03 Summary

What a week. I think it was our first week that actually flew by. It feels like just the other day we were writing last week’s entry summing up week 02, our first official week of boot camp. It was another tough week with plenty of coughs, sweat, and pain but we’re all hanging tough. Milestones the week were probation, seamanship, and Honor Guard.

Probation is new to Juliet-197. These last two days were seen what it was like to have fellow shipmates fall behind in required knowledge, uniform upkeep, and plain military bearing. It’s tough to see shipmates being grilled by the Company Commanders like a rack of lamb. Basically they wear a vibrant red belt at all times except when sleeping and showering. The last thing you want is to have a red belt here because then you’re pretty much fair game for all Company Commanders to question about required knowledge. Probation recruits are given three day to prove that they belong into a company that is moving into week 04 in just one day.

Seamanship was a highlight of the week. Knot tying, helm and lookout training, as well as learning nautical terms. All the things we need to be passionate about if we are to be successful at our first units. We all hope to get stations as amazing as our Seamanship instructor told us about.

Another interesting thing during week 03 was the Honor Guard came to recruit. Anyone that was under 6 foot was unfortunately told they were ineligible, which weeded out a lot of our company. They spoke of the opportunities the offer and captured our attention for sure. Next week we will all put in our dream sheets and hopefully some of us will be lucky enough to be selected.

Week 04 is on the way and it’s only going to get more challenging as more and more is expected of us. Till next time, Semper Paratus!

Team Juliet 197


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