India 197 Recruit Journal Week 07

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India 197 Recruit Journal

Formed: Apr 02, 2019

Graduates: May 24, 2019


Graduation Program: Posted Thursday afternoon: Week 7 Blog

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Hello to all the supporters of India-197. So much has happened this week. It was filled with ups and downs as usual. But this week the ups were really up.

Here’s why, so as you all know it was week seven and this meant we were taking over as the senior company on the regiment. We would set the example to all the junior companies. I’m not going to lie at first we were not completely ready, we were still continuing to make small mistakes such as not being loud and fast at all times. Then the whole company came together and truly realized that we needed to step it up and come together and boy did we do that. As one CCs said “we did a complete 180.”

We got to march in H-197 graduation this past Friday and seeing everyone get to hug their friends and loved ones really gave us even more motivation to do better. We worked as a team and were faster and louder than we had ever been and it wasn’t just for a couple hours, this time we kept it up. The first big win happened with our seamanship final, we all passed! That meant getting a pennant for our colors. We had a MOA/COD test in front of our section commander. Even though many were nervous, we still passed! Not only did we pass, but we got a 10/10 on the MOA test. Another pennant was retrieved for this, now it was time to take the final on all the classroom learned material. BOOM! We passed and got another pennant.

We got coffee and desserts too! I am talking cookies, cake, pie and more, but the greatest victory of this week would be the capping ceremony. We just got done doing the confidence course so we are already in a good mood, after our CC’S instructed us to march to the flag pole and stand by. After a couple of minutes they walk over with our colors, all three give a short speech of what it means to be the senior company and that it is time we stop acting as recruits and start acting as non-rates. They had us remove our Recruit Covers and replace it with the CG non-rate ones. Then they raised our colors up the flagpole as we screamed “WE ARE READY!”   So when you look up at the flagpole you will see INDIA flying high and when you look to the ground you will see INDIA marching tall and proud.

To top off this great week we got our off base liberty. It was very surreal for many of us as we were walking through the town in our uniform being thanked by complete strangers. It made us all realize that we are part of something much bigger then ourselves. Anyways you could say have said that INDIA-197 needed some butter this week because we were on a roll.


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