November 197 Recruit Journal Week 03

International Maritime Signal Flag November

November 197 Recruit Journal

Formed: June 04, 2019

Graduates: July 26, 2019


Week 03 Summary



This week we lost some shipmates. It’s never easy to see fellow shipmates go, but hey, that’s why there’s another company behind so that you can improve if you are reverted or rephrased. We finally got some type of training in even though we are still getting our butts kicked. Our main problem is we move way to slow. The sooner we realize that this leads to sweat, the better. Probation was introduced this week and it has the whole company on their heels. Everyone keeps asking each other “you think I’m going on probation”? “I’ve improved right”? That’s our problem since day one, we only want to do what’s right when consequence is high instead of all the time. Also, this week it’s pretty obvious the galley starting to give us food because they know we have no choice but to eat it. None of the meals really matched and they started throwing pineapple in everything except the chewy bars and that’s because they’re in wrappers. Another thing this week. We now see how important it is to keep our squad bay clean. Every time they are a mess, Chief Smith drinks his energy drinks and goes crazy on us. It’s our faults so we can’t blame him. We learned how to march with a fellow shipmate at the lead this week as well. Sometimes we are legit, sometimes we look like mad men. We will be tested in front of our Section Commander this week. So it’s all or nothing. Overall this week, we are progressing. A little slow but once we learn to shut up, move fast, and get loud consistently, the days will go a lot smoother…Hopefully…


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