Oscar 197 Recruit Journal Week 03

International Maritime Signal Flag Oscar


Oscar 197 Recruit Journal

Formed: June 11, 2019

Graduates: August 02, 2019


This Week Oscar 197 started out rough and ended rough. We have been sweating all day, every day for all of our mistakes; sandbagging and low volume. Some of the company is putting forth effort, but until everyone buys in, nothing is going to get any better. We began our first week of seamanship classes, which all of our shipmates enjoyed. We learned how to tie knots and their different purposes as well as lookout procedures and other practical maritime knowledge from our instructor. This week color guard and drill team were chosen for our company, and I know a lot of people were excited about that. Later in the week, Father Barakeh came for a Chaplin-Company visit, which was great for lifting spirits. Father Barakeh gave us some motivation and encouraging words to help us out, and told us funny jokes and stories to lighten our mood. He always gives great advice.

Scattered throughout the week Oscar 197 recruits got our military identification cards, which definitely makes everything seem more official. Another thing that started this week was standing watch through the night. The watch coordinators put together schedules so every hour is covered. The first week of watch didn’t quite go as planned with some people not signing for watches, and others not performing their duties of waking people up for activities such as ceremonial, physical fitness enhancement, and remedial swim class. Also this week, our Lead Company Commander started letting people try to march the company. This had a rough start. A few people volunteered, but were not up to the standard. Eventually, our Lead Company Commander chose SR Blowe to march us, and she did a lot better than the previous candidates. She didn’t accidentally march us into the grass like the other recruits that tried to march the company.

Oscar 197 lost some recruits this week and also gained some more. This week was also the first time anyone got put on probation. Earlier in the week at our company chaplain visit, Father Barakeh was surprised that no one was on probation yet, then at Friday choir practice, we let him know that in short time things had changed and he laughed saying he knew it would happen sooner or later.

By the end of the week everyone is definitely tired after all the incentive training. Today, Saturday, I think we played every game we know from Seabags to Pieces to Change-In/Change-out and Fire! Fire! Fire! And the line. We also spent a lot of time in the classroom, learning about the prisoner of war code of conduct, commitment to the Coast Guard, and practical information from the future like Leave and Liberty. During evening chow it started storming, us without our rain gear, so we had to sprint from the galley to our class. Luckily, the rain had stopped by the time class had ended.

Overall this week had lots of ups and downs, and hopefully Oscar 197 can get it together soon.


Editor’s Note: This blog post was written by a recruit currently involved in Coast Guard basic training. The thoughts and opinions expressed in this Journal do not necessarily reflect those of Training Center Cape May, the U.S. Coast Guard or the federal government and are the sole opinion of the author. Recruit Journals are written by personnel in a high-stress environment with little time, so please excuse grammar and punctuation in the above article. The staff at Training Center Cape May do not edit the journals in any way, so as to ensure authenticity of the content and messages.