November 197 Recruit Journal Week 06

International Maritime Signal Flag November

November 197 Recruit Journal

Formed: June 04, 2019

Graduates: July 26, 2019


Week 06 Summary;


Week 06 kicked off on the right foot. This was really the first time the recruits were on auto pilot navigating each individual day in groups (they had to split the company up to get certain classes done efficiently). Tuesday and Thursday were a close second place being the best days for November company. The Port side of the company went to the shooting range on Tuesday, and took the first step towards earning the marksmanship pennant, shooting a 79.2% accuracy rate. Starboard sealed the deal on Thursday, shooting an 82.3% accuracy rate. By day 04 of week 06, November company already earned 03 pennants for the company colors without even earning them yet. Monday and Wednesday were simply work and preparation days for November, teaching them the basics of firearms training and getting more admin time to try and reach out to their first units for more details. Friday marked a busy day for the company, and an exciting one, as it was graduation day for Mike company, meaning that after a few short hours, November 197 was going to be the senior company on the regiment. That realization truly showed the recruits that they are in the endgame and can only be moving forward. They truly met that standard on Saturday, which marked probably the most significant day in their training. All in all, the whole day was a whirlwind of emotions. It started off with pugil stick fighting, which pretty much taught them basic modes of defense with giant qtips, with the company commanders getting to pick teams and make jokes the whole morning. However, the day immediately turned serious right after when military mode was switched right back on and the recruits were told it was time to sweat. It seemed as if they were over very small things, but never the less they were willing to take the punishments they had earned. After what seemed to be a 05 mile hike (with full sea bags on their backs) and almost an hour of IT and or RI sessions with their pieces, Chief Krusko ordered the company to turn around during what seemed to be a routine sweat session. To November’s delight, what stood proudly in the parade field was the November colors in between their two assistant company commanders. Tears were shed almost immediately, as the recruits realized they weren’t sweating for mistakes; they were earning every single stich of those colors. Like a baseball team winning the world series, the company sprinted onto the field to retrieve their new prize and wave it proudly. After all was said and done, they also earned their on base liberty, which gave the recruits six hours to decompress, use their phones again, call loved ones, eat food that wasn’t from the galley, etc. Week 06 will forever go down as the best week for November company, as CSC Krusko’s 72 phsycos march with pride into week 07.



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