Papa 197 Recruit Journal Week 04

International Maritime Signal Flag Papa


Papa 197 Recruit Journal

Formed: June 18, 2019

Graduates: August 09, 2019





Today was a weird day for Papa Company, The Company went back and forth from Indoctrination weekend to the best company on the regiment. It’s a good ending to week 04, but the real challenge is going to be week 05, SAR(Search And Rescue) week. Papa company somewhat has their marching together and to a degree is starting to act like a team. There was some test, the classes are getting more intense, we’re actually training and the Company Commanders are practically treating us like recruits,…not really but we like to pretend. One big stepping stone for the company was participating in Mike-197’s Graduation. Seeing all those proud parents and the Graduating Company really gave hope to Papa Company. This week there’s been old gear leaving, and New Gear coming in and changing the Tempo of the Company for the better. It’s disappointing to see a shipmate wearing red, but we know it’s better for that recruit and the Company as a whole. Our experience at the galley has gotten immensely, being fast and knowing the right required knowledge is the key to surviving Boot Camp. The morale varies a lot with Papa. Some recruits just get hit with a wave of sadness, but are then reminded why they’re here by other recruits: to serve our Country and make our families proud. Towards the end it’s a fact that Papa will be on their A-game for fear of red belts or RAMP. That motivation just needs to happen now for Papa so the days till the end can be as good as they can. With the help of our very loving, capable Company Commanders, Especially PO Fortenberry, Papa-197 will push through with as many as the original gear from the start. Even if PO Fortenberry loves his Brisket and trimming the fat off, sometimes the fat is the best part! Week 05 better be ready for Papa Company, because it only gets better from here.


-SR Camiso, S. E.



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