Quebec 197 Recruit Journal Week 03

International Maritime Signal Flag Quebec

Quebec 197 Recruit Journal

Formed: June 25, 2019

Graduates: August 16, 2019



Week Ø3 Entry


Week three of Quebec Company comes to an end, and it is as if we are a new company with the shipmates we lost, voices we gained, and lessons we have learned. This week was big form many, we learned what we could be doing as future Non-rates in the fleet. We began our seamanship classes. Our first class simply being the anatomy of a cutter. However, the fun came from knot tying class. The Company enjoys seamanship and appreciates the replicas of actual small boats and cutters they have. Our classes get more technical though, one being helm commands (helm being the steering of a vessel). You become the “eyes and ears” of the vessel. It is interesting to imagine in a few shorts weeks this is the future of many shipmates. This reassures us that Coast Guard boot camp is not just about intense physical training, but also about mentally preparing us for our first units in the fleet. On a more serious note, we also engaged in a class about the Coast Guard’s zero tolerance for Hazing and Bullying. It is real topic to all, because depending on where they get stationed or what situations they might face we need to know right from wrong. We were taught to identify hazing and bullying as well as how to use our Chain of Command to report and solve incidents. We moved on to the strict zero tolerance policy as well and the no bystander policy. We also received our official identification cards which is another step closer to becoming a Coast Guardsman. Our Company began this week by having shipmates start to march and call cadence for us. Some shipmates have failed, but some have a talent for it. However, it is a little nerve wrecking to march without the cadence of our Company Commanders. We are making small strides in the right direction, but Quebec is still learning. We are starting to work together as a team. We are hopefully getting louder, moving faster, and marching better. We recently participated in the Mike-197 graduation. It was an inspiring moment for the most of us. They were a little intimidating, fast, and loud, but they were a true team. On our graduation day I hope the junior company will think the same of us!


SR Bulan & SR Lusk

Q-197 Historian



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