Quebec 197 Recruit Journal Week 04

International Maritime Signal Flag Quebec

Quebec 197 Recruit Journal

Formed: June 25, 2019

Graduates: August 16, 2019


Quebec-197 Week 04


Week 04 was packed with activity as we learned about firefighting, submitting requests for jobs and locations, and attended the Training Center Cape May’s Change of Command Ceremony as the Training center welcomes Captain Felger. It was exciting to participate in such an event. Quebec-197 made a good showing in the Battalion review. In other ceremonial news, Colors team was picked from our company. In which we have the honor to raise and lower the national ensign, POW MIA flag, and the Coast guard Ensign. It’s a lot of responsibility, but the performance and training for an event has helped our confidence in each other. It is one thing to learn from a Company Commander, but doing the same for your shipmates is a trust building exercise like no other. Doing Drills with our M-16 is also a new Development, we are now all responsible for the proper forms and nomenclature. Another rewarding event was learning to fire fight. This will be essential in the fleet as fire is an extreme danger, especially aboard cutters. Our instructors challenged us to get dressed in our Flame retardant suit, mask, and boots along with our breathing apparatus. Don’t think that this was comfortable, it was hot, sweaty, we could see anything, and the noise was deafening, as we fought our fires together in teams. Most of us never had so much fun! The potential for fire on a cutter leads to the desire to still be stationed on one. At least that was the poll when it came to filling out our requests for assignments. Experience on a cutter even if it is for a short time, brings fellow Coast Guardsman together, because life aboard a cutter is like nothing else, or so they tell us. We chose our preference of location or job and we find out when our Company Commanders think we are ready…A few amusing things happened this week, too. While firefighting some of us got into suits that were too small, so we were hunched over and “stuffed-looking” as we handled the hose with the support of our shipmates. The other situation was when Petty Officer Lake taught us about hair and hygiene, the allowable heights of hair, tattoo themes and certain dischargeable offences if you misrepresent the Coast Guard on your person. With the knowledge we have gained, there were also losses, as in those who have been rephrased. Though this is frustrating for the recruit and their family, long term this is often best for the development of each Coast Guardsman. Temporary setbacks have the potential to create leaders in the right situation, such as boot camp. Quebec misses some of the characters we got to know, before we had to say goodbye. We with the best to those recruits and their families. Week 05 starting Monday is Search and Rescue week, which puts massive emphasis on being both fast and loud. Our week 05 inspection will also determine if Quebec will earn the Battalion Commanders pennant flown as graduation. Something we desire greatly. Just like week 04 week 05 will be more challenging than ever, and Quebec will rise to the constant challenges we face.

Q-197 Historian

SR Bulan & SR Lusk



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