Quebec 197 Recruit Journal Week 05

International Maritime Signal Flag Quebec

International Maritime Signal Flag Quebec


Quebec 197 Recruit Journal

Formed: June 25, 2019

Graduates: August 16, 2019


Week Ø5 Entry


As week five comes to an end, it was a big one. It is easier to begin with the explanation of Search and Rescue (SAR) week. Our days would begin with reveille at 0530, to completed morning muster on the quarterdeck (head count of recruits) and 10 minutes to get ready. We have to make our rack, females gel their hair, males shave their face, dawn an operation dress uniform black socks boots with blousing. Then we are formed up outside ready to step off for breakfast chow. We now wear black socks and boots all the time, this means we are advancing to be a senior company. Our Lead Company Commander, Petty Officer Vercellone posted our colors on the quarterdeck, however it is just as motivational to get us ready to eventually march with them on the regiment. Our company also received our dress uniforms this week. These are to be worn on special occasions, like graduation, reporting into our new unit, and ceremonies. This week we had financial planning, history of the Coast Guard, and emergency procedures classes. One of the most important events of the week was receiving our orders. A huge moment for Quebec Company. It is just the start for us and our careers. Although, most are staying stateside, a handful are going to Alaska and one is even going to Guam. This is not only a big moment for us, but our families and loved ones back home. We are getting louder and stronger every day. We had an integrity night with Petty Officer Lake, a shipmate would not admit to his short coming. Therefore, we spent the evening paying for the mistakes of others. Because if one fails we all fail, as a team we must live the Coast Guard core values of Honor, Respect, and Devotion to duty. We finished the week with something very exciting, the confidence course. A challenging but fun obstacle course. We took pleasure in seeing our Company Commanders participate. We also had a visit with our mentor. We had the pleasure to ask Lieutenant McNally multiple questions which was refreshing. Looking ahead we have our fitness assessment, close order drill and manual of arms test.



Q-197 Historian


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