Tango 197 Recruit Journal Week 02

International Maritime Signal Flag Tango

International Maritime Signal Flag Tango


Tango 197 Recruit Journal

Formed: July 23, 2019

Graduates: September 13, 2019


Graduation Program: Posted Thursday afternoon: Week 7 Blog

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Where to begin last week was a blur we received all of our uniforms started medical processing to ensure we were completely fit to form with Tango company the week ended with a morning PT test then the real shock and awe set in when our company commanders came and picked us up in the afternoon for indoctrination weekend we did not expect it to be so fast paced and crazy but we endured and made it into week 2. This week has been one of the most challenging things most of us have done. From getting an m16 non-gun which is a hard rubber copy of an actual m16 that weighs approximately 6 pounds but we call it our piece to starting classes, our company commanders never fail to make us sweat. We also had our first swim assessment. Many of us passed but some were not as lucky as they have to wake up an hour earlier than the rest of us to practice swimming so they can pass before the end of training. We also started the running program to help us not only get stronger but faster as well. Friday we watched Oscar company march across the parade field which, continuously inspires us to try our hardest setting graduation as the main goal. Saturday we had our company mentor come and talk to us and answer any questions we had about the coast guard and our careers. We got learn a lot about each other which always brings tango company that much more to feeling like a family. Through all the trials and sweat every day passed feels like a century, but never stops making us feel stronger and more resilient for the next. Class has been an extremely big part of our time so far at Cape May it bringing the only “relaxing” time we have. We have learned so much not only from our lead company commander, but from a variety of other inspirational speakers. Such as Chief Luis, Chief Snyder, Father Barakeh, and an incredible woman Ms. Weston all teaching us core values and helpful tips for our future. All of tango finished our medical shots while others began dental work. Through the week, our tango company has gotten very sick, our doctors for those who have went to sick call it the Cape May crud and we have to agree it’s very cruddy.



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