India 198 Recruit Journal Week 01

International Maritime Signal Flag

Formed: January 07, 2020
Graduates: February 28, 2020

Good morning, Friends and Family of India – 198.

We have officially completed INDOC weekend. The only weekend we’ve never been ready for in our lives. Today the least! We are a big group of recruits per the norm and an even bigger headache to our Company Commanders. Our Lead Company Commander, Petty Officer Stephens, is like a seven layer dip, he seems like a nice guy but each layer reveals more… he’s tough on us, a leader, a teacher, a mentor, but that’s about all we know so far. We do know not to make him angry, and I’m sure we will have more to report on him later. Then there’s Petty Officer Pleskonko. The physical manifestation of every single drill sergeant in the Hollywood movies. The only more intimidating thing about him than him… is trying to say his name. Next up is petty officer Alvino… Do you remember those old Chuck Norris memes? Well they died because she took one look at them as screamed “YUCK!” She definitely means business. Last but not least we have Petty Officer Baez… he makes you never want to move a muscle, he is like a velociraptor from Jurassic Park… he senses the smallest of movements and he is everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Needless to say they take everything VERY seriously.

Right now we are learning all new things at a rapid pace, it’s like drinking water from a fire hose! But with these leaders on deck, be prepared to see a better, stronger, and more mature person than the one that left… whether we make it home as a Coastie or not. Until next time!

Graduation Program: Posted Thursday afternoon

Go to: Under the “Graduation Date” Tab you will be able to find the Graduation Program .

To view the Graduation Live: Time: 1100 AM The live stream of the graduations are viewed by going to the training center’s Facebook page at *It should be noted that the live streams are a courtesy and not a guarantee. There could be technical issues or resource availability issues that would interfere with the stream. The live streams are not intended to be high definition productions of the graduation ceremonies. If you are looking for higher quality video products from your loved one’s graduation, you should contact VTS at 609-365-8889.

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