Whiskey 198 Recruit Journal Week 02

International Maritime Signal Flag Whiskey

Formed: June 16, 2020
Graduates:  August 7, 2020

We are finally out of Quarantine or as it’s called here ROM. While in ROM we were bored of studying eating and sleeping in the same general area however now that we are done we want to go back lol. Week 02 started exactly how you would guess.

We met our 04 Company Commanders. The men and women who tell us when to eat, sleep, shave and sweat. They were introduced by the Commanding Officer Captain Felger. Immediately after the captain gave us a few words of advice and a few promises our company commanders started screaming at us and it hasn’t stopped yet.

We soon found out the hard truth that even though we thought we were ready. We are not even close.

Throughout the weekend, we have failed again and again and again and so forth. Don’t get it wrong when we say we failed. Because every time we failed we tried again and again. No matter how badly we stuttered through our vocabularies or our required knowledge we do what we can to spit out the right words fast enough when questioned.

When we mess up, we push. When we push we do so until our Company Commanders tell us to stop. The truth is we weren’t ready for this. But we won’t give up. We have struggled through the weeks learning to march and taking a lot of classes on watch standing, the ranks of the Coast Guard, dental classes, and even some interesting classes like civil rights awareness, and work life programs.

Yet somehow every single day we can see the improvements in ourselves and our teamwork as we learn to adapt. We got our company jobs this week and many are already losing them.

We’re all still trying to get acclimated to this type of lifestyle, however, once we understand the true meaning of the Coast Guard core values, we will make it through this vigorous program. The letters from home have been cherished more than we could have imagined, thank you for supporting us and please keep writing!

With week 02 behind us, we are ready to see what challenges lie ahead in Week 03, we know there will be plenty of them.

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