Kilo 199 Recruit Journal Week 06

International Maritime Signal Flag Kilo

Formed: October 13, 2020
Graduates: December 04, 2020

It was another roller coaster week for Kilo-199. Emotions were high and morale started off low as Kilo-199 took their first close order drill test; it did not go well. Failed. Rock bottom or so we thought. Morale improved as Kilo-199 took additional steps towards their first permanent change of station orders. The recruits found out if they were required to report immediately or if luck was on their side and return home for a brief reunion with family. Later in the week, Kilo-199 began to put out their fires… literally.

Firefighting class was in session and we were learning about fires on cutters, proper extinguishing techniques, and all of the firefighting equipment that comes along with the job. The next day Kilo-199 went to Goff Hall to put their new found knowledge to the test with a hands on practical experience with the firefighting equipment they were shown.

The weekend, a time of rest and relaxation, but not during SAR week. Kilo-199 had an entire search and rescue week of waking up to alarms, radio chatter and simulated helicopter noises. Saturday was not going as planned. After the controlled chaos had ended, we were surprised to see our mentors at the confidence course. Upon completion of the course, Petty Officer Aulph arranged for our mentors, Admiral Mauger and Master Chief Kennedy to eat lunch in the galley with them. Years upon years of advice was shared with the recruits.

Petty Officer Aulph always keeps Kilo-199 on their toes. On Sunday, after completing their company run, we were ordered to pack our seabags with everything we owned and form up in front of the building. The march commenced. Kilo-199 was then marched around the entire training center to be reminded that comfort was not to be a friend of theirs; everything has a reason. After what felt like an eternity, Kilo-199 returned home only to drop off their seabags and form it up again not knowing what to expect.

Petty Officer Aulph threw in the towel and turned the company over to his assistants. Kilo-199 thought they were in for a night of sweat and training as they were marched to the beach. To their surprise Petty Officer Aulph was waiting for them at the water. The recruits were ordered to look at the horizon as he said how he was training us recruits to be the future of the Coast Guard. The speech was well received and will never be forgotten.

The recruits were then told to turn around and had the lesson of “Earned, not Given” reinforced as a yellow and blue Guidon was held in place by Chief Zwearcan, Petty Officer Heller and Petty Officer Spence. Kilo-199 earned their colors. With more motivation, we are ready to continue on to Week 07. We recruits still have a lot of work ahead of them, but this was a large victory for Kilo-199!