Reunions discouraged during Operation Fireside

Family & Friends,   Many of you know your loved one is scheduled to dine with a host family over the holiday season as part of Operation Fireside. Each holiday season a handful of family members travel to Cape May, […]

Coast Guard recruits from Training Center Cape May, N.J., pause for a quick photo with their host family during Operation Fireside Thanksgiving 2012. Coast Guard photo by Chief Warrant Officer Donnie Brzuska.

Reunions discouraged during Operation Fireside

Family and Friends, Your loved one is scheduled to dine with a host family over the Holiday season as part of Operation Fireside. Each Holiday Season a handful of family members travel to Cape May, N.J., to attempt to reunite […]

‘Why I serve:’ Seaman Recruit Tevin White

By Seaman Recruit T. A. White  Editor’s Note: This blog entry was written by Seaman Recruit Tevin A. White during Week 07 of basic training at Coast Guard Training Center Cape May. White graduated with Recruit Company Kilo 188 July 26, […]

International Maritime Signal Flag Lima

Recruit Journal Lima 188: Week 07

  Week 07 Summary I have been staring at a blank piece of paper for about 15 minutes trying to decide how to summarize week 07, and there is just no way to do it. This week has been up, […]

International Maritime Signal Flag November

Recruit Journal November 188: Week 05

  Formed: June 25, 2013 Graduate: August 16, 2013 22JUL15 Monday Today began week 05. Week 05 is known as SAR (search and rescue) week because learning about the life saving aspect of the Coast Guard is the main focal […]

International Maritime Signal Flag Oscar

Recruit Journal Oscar 188: Week 03

  Formed: July 9, 2013 Graduate: August 30, 2013 22JUL13 This morning started off with a mile run before morning chow. After chow the company went to participate in the survival float class. The suit we put on was the […]

International Maritime Signal Flag Papa

Recruit Journal Papa 188: Weeks 01 & 02

WEEK 01: 16JUL – 21JUL THE BEGINNING The day that 37 of us were waiting for finally cam when we all arrived at the Philadelphia airport USO. We all came from different parts of the country, but we all had […]

International Maritime Signal Flag Mike

Recruit Journal Mike 188 Week: 06

Formed: June 18, 2013 Graduate: Aug. 9, 2013 21JUL13 Sunday is by far one of the best days for us recruits. We have 05 hours to attend to whatever we need to get done; such as uniform maintenance, shining boondockers, […]

Welcome, the future of America’s Coast Guard starts here

  Welcome to the official blog of Training Center Cape May! Please add our site to your favorites and news feed. We’ll be bringing you some of the latest information on basic training preparation, training center news and insider information […]

From left to right, FN Nathan Yonren and SN Patrick McGinnis bring Starry along as they conduct their annual water survival exercise on January 29, 2013 off the Cape May inlet in the Atlantic Ocean. U.S. Coast Guard photo courtesy of Station Cape May.

Meet Starry the Bear

Coast Guard Compass Official Blog of the U.S. Coast Guard Starry the Bear Posted by Seaman Jennifer Nease, Wednesday, May 31, 2013  CAPE MAY, N. J. – Over the past four years, Starry the Bear has endured boot camp four […]

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