Physical fitness instructors demonstrate Days 01 and 05 of the It's not JUST 8 weeks program.

It’s not JUST 8 weeks Month 03: Days 01 & 05

This is Day 01 and Day 05 of the “It’s not JUST 8 weeks: workout.” You’ll workout six days straight, and the seventh day will be a rest day. Day 01 and Day 05 focus on calisthenics and plyometrics, which are […]

This is the pushup starting, or "down," position. When in the starting position, you should be a about one fist's distance from the deck. Pushups must be performed with full extension of arms. Your back must remain straight.

Physical Fitness Assessment Self-Administration Guide

You will be required to pass a physical fitness assessment your first week at Training Center Cape May. If you do not pass, you will immediately be placed in Physical Fitness Hold and will not form with a recruit company. This […]

Physical fitness instructors

Injury Prevention: Recovery Routine

More than 30 percent of recruits in basic training will suffer some sort of minor injury, and most likely those injuries will result in rephasal or reversion to a later week of training. This is a devastating blow to recruits […]

Plank Running

Injury Prevention: Dynamic Warm Up

More than 30 percent of recruits in basic training will suffer some sort of minor injury, and those injuries will most likely result in rephasal or reversion to later weeks of training. This is a devastating blow to recruits and their families […]

What is Physical Fitness Hold?

By Chief Warrant Officer Donnie Brzuska The Coast Guard is one of the most selective armed services and recruits the most qualified applicants; therefore, we expect applicants to arrive ready and motivated for the intense opportunity known as Coast Guard […]

Proper run form: 4 basic tips

By Master Chief Petty Officer Robert Berry, U.S.A. Track & Field, Cross Country Coach 2010-2012 Coach at Junior Olympics National Championship Meet For a potential recruit I would recommend the following BASIC tips: Proper running form is a complicated concept […]

Welcome, the future of America’s Coast Guard starts here

  Welcome to the official blog of Training Center Cape May! Please add our site to your favorites and news feed. We’ll be bringing you some of the latest information on basic training preparation, training center news and insider information […]

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