Hotel 198 Recruit Journal Week 07

Formed: December 17, 2019 Graduates: February 07, 2020 It’s hard to wrap our watchcovers around the fact that we’ve been here for almost two months. But yet here we stand. Our backs a little straighter, our heads a little higher. […]

Hotel 198 Recruit Journal Week 05

Another week in the books H-198! Many faces remain and some are gone the training process has trimmed the fat off our company, like some terrifying version of a slab of meat. Our week started fast pedal to the metal, […]

Hotel 198 Recruit Journal Week 04

Formed: December 17, 2019Graduates: February 07, 2020  HOTEL 198 decided it was time to dictate our training. It’s been said by all the companies and individuals that have faced the challenge of Coast Guard Boot Camp, “Training doesn’t get easier; […]