Hotel 198 Recruit Journal Week 07

Formed: December 17, 2019 Graduates: February 07, 2020 It’s hard to wrap our watchcovers around the fact that we’ve been here for almost two months. But yet here we stand. Our backs a little straighter, our heads a little higher. […]

Hotel 198 Recruit Journal Week 06

Today was…fun, yet somber in its own way. Week 06 is in the bag and week 07 is on the horizon with new challenges. H-198 awoke with excitement (and fear as always) because today we had liberty. Yes, it was […]

Hotel 198 Recruit Journal Week 05

Another week in the books H-198! Many faces remain and some are gone the training process has trimmed the fat off our company, like some terrifying version of a slab of meat. Our week started fast pedal to the metal, […]

Hotel 198 Recruit Journal Week 03

Formed: December 17, 2019Graduates: February 07, 2020 The week is concluding. Another one in the books for H-198. From recruits having the crud to getting smoked, we made it. That’s not all though, H-198 has hit the books and the […]