Oscar 198 Recruit Journal Week 05

It’s here! The final week for OSCAR – 198! Now or Never! Do or Die! Sounds dramatic, but this week was really all about crunch time. We had a wild agenda this week. It started with calling our units and […]

Oscar 198 Recruit Journal Week 03

Monday, the beginning of Week 03, OSCAR – 198 attends their first Seamanship Class. We learned a lot about what is on the cutters, such as bits, chocks and stanchions. Of course it was just like every Monday. People in […]

Oscar 198 Recruit Journal Week 02

Formed: March 17, 2020Graduates: May 08, 2020 OSCAR 198 checking in! We hope everyone is safe. Rest assured we are safe in training with the medical staff available to us 24 hours a day to ensure we are healthy enough to […]