Uniform 198 Recruit Journal Week 05

For those who don’t know, the Uniform flag’s literal meaning is “Heading into Danger” after finally completing week 05 of training, Uniform company is definitely not something that you’d want to mess with. Just like Petty Officer Baez’s cadence goes: […]

Uniform 198 Recruit Journal Week 04

Formed: June 02, 2020 Graduates: July 24, 2020 Imagine a giant, seething bull that just saw red. Now, imagine having to ride it for a week without getting bucked off. This is exactly how we first saw search and rescue […]

Uniform 198 Recruit Journal Week 3

Formed: June 2, 2020 Graduates: July 25, 2020 “If Sweat drops could be bottled, there’d be pools filled by… the recruits of Uniform 198.” If any company commander quote could sum up our week, that would be the one to […]

Uniform 198 Recruit Journal Week 02

Formed: June 02, 2020Graduates:  July 24, 2020 The classroom in lower Healy Hall is one none of the newly formed U-198 will forget. The start of a very rocky, steep, slippery climb for everyone. Being one of the few companies […]